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Spatiotemporal Heterogeneity of Mangrove Root Sphere under a Tropical Monsoon Climate in Eastern Thailand

Resilience of Grain Yield in China Under Climate Change Scenarios

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Evaluation of Distribution Properties of Non-Point Source Pollution in a Subtropical Monsoon Watershed by a Hydrological Model with a Modified Runoff Module

Hydrological performance of extensive green roofs in response to different rain events in a subtropical monsoon climate

A mid-altitude area in southwestern China experienced a humid subtropical climate with subtle monsoon signatures during the early Oligocene: Evidence from the Ningming flora of Guangxi

Mechanisms for Springtime Onset of Isolated Precipitation across the Southeastern United States

Responses of fluvial terrace formation to monsoon climate changes in the north-eastern Tibetan Plateau: Evidence from pollen and sedimentary records

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Monsoon Climates 季风气候

Monsoon Climates 季风气候
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