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Radial flow induced by inhomogeneous magnetic field in heavy ion collisions

Collinear and TMD parton densities from fits to precision DIS measurements in the parton branching method

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Misalignment measurement of optical vortex beam in free space

Retrieving the OAM spectrum and the spatial distribution of the structured optical fields

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On the effect of time-dependent inhomogeneous magnetic fields on the particle momentum spectrum in electron-positron pair production

Chirp effects on pair production in oscillating electric fields with spatial inhomogeneity.

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Studies of gluon TMDs and their evolution using quarkonium-pair production at the LHC

Topological semimetals in InAs/GaInSb superlattices at room temperature

Effects of finite spatial extent on Schwinger pair production

Perturbative methods for assisted nonperturbative pair production

Effect of in-medium mass-shift on transverse-momentum spectrum and elliptic anisotropy of $\phi$ meson

Boson pair production in arbitrarily polarized electric fields

Status of the DeeMe Experiment, an Experimental Search for $\mu$-$e$ Conversion at J-PARC MLF

On the Energy-Momentum Spectrum and One-Meson Dispersion Curves in (3 + 1)-Dimensional Strongly Coupled Lattice QCD with three Flavors

Measurement of Møller scattering at 2.5 MeV

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Momentum Spectrum 动量谱

Momentum Spectrum 动量谱
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