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Efficient sensitizer-supported electron beam irradiation induced crosslinking of polyvinylidene fluoride for shape memory applications

Martensite aging phenomena in Cu-based alloys: Effects on structural transformation, mechanical and shape memory properties: A critical review

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Altered hippocampal function with preserved cognitive performance in treatment-naive major depressive disorder

A Guide to Designing a Memory fMRI Paradigm for Pre-surgical Evaluation in Temporal Lobe Epilepsy

Waveguide integrated reconfigurable all-dielectric metasurfaces

Exploiting FeFETs via Cross-Layer Design from In-memory Computing Circuits to Meta-Learning Applications


Ferroelectricity in CMOS-Compatible Hafnium Oxides: Reviving the ferroelectric field-effect transistor technology

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Stable terahertz in-situ photo-writable electrically-erasable memory with CsPbI3:Ag/SnO2/PEDOT:PSS hybrid structure

High-performance complementary resistive switching in ferroelectric film

Optical memory architectures for fast routing address look-up (AL) table operation

Bio composite materials: nano functionalization of 4D bio engineered scaffold

Reliability Modeling and Mitigation for Embedded Memories

Ordering of the bcc Phase in a Mg-Sc Binary Alloy by Aging Treatment

Fast validation of DRAM protocols with timed petri nets

Bi-Directional Junctionless Transistor for Logic and Memory Applications

Roadmap on Material-Function Mapping for Photonic-Electronic Hybrid Neural Networks

Reconfigurable Field-Effect Transistor as a Synaptic Device for XNOR Binary Neural Network

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Memory Functional 记忆功能

Memory Functional 记忆功能
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