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Uniform oxygen fugacity of shergottite mantle sources and an oxidized martian lithosphere

Syneruptive incorporation of martian surface sulphur in the nakhlite lava flows revealed by S and Os isotopes and highly siderophile elements : implication for mantle sources in Mars.

A global investigation of wrinkle ridge formation events; Implications towards the thermal evolution of Mars

Martian Dichotomy from a Giant Impact: Mantle Convection Models

Thickness and structure of the martian crust from InSight seismic data

Timing of Martian Core Formation from Models of Hf–W Evolution Coupled with N-body Simulations

Highly siderophile elements in shergottite sulfides and the sulfur content of the martian mantle

Heterogeneous martian mantle: Evidence from petrology, mineral chemistry, and in situ U-Pb chronology of the basaltic shergottite Northwest Africa 8653

Partition coefficient of phosphorus between liquid metal and silicate melt with implications for the Martian magma ocean

Depletion of Heat Producing Elements in the Martian Mantle

Phase Relations in MAFSH System up to 21 GPa: Implications for Water Cycles in Martian Interior

Petrology of the enriched poikilitic shergottite Northwest Africa 10169: Insight into the martian interior

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Martian Mantle 火星地幔

Martian Mantle 火星地幔
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