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Chromosome evolution and the genetic basis of agronomically important traits in greater yam

A physical and genetic map of Cannabis sativa identifies extensive rearrangements at the THC/CBD acid synthase loci.

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Convolutional autoencoder based model HistoCAE for segmentation of viable tumor regions in liver whole-slide images

Applying convolutional neural networks to assess the external quality of strawberries

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Landsat-MODIS image fusion and object-based image analysis for observing flood inundation in a heterogeneous vegetated scene

Combining Water Fraction and DEM-Based Methods to Create a Coastal Flood Map: A Case Study of Hurricane Harvey

Map Derived sentence examples within Depth Map Derived

Real-Time Semantic Plane Reconstruction on a Monocular Drone Using Sparse Fusion

A Comparison of TLS-based and ALS-based Techniques for Concrete Floor Waviness Assessment

Map Derived sentence examples within Slope Map Derived

Seismic Hazard Analysis of Surface Level, Using Topographic Condition in the Northeast of Algeria

High-resolution shape model of Ceres from stereophotoclinometry using Dawn Imaging Data

Map Derived sentence examples within Thicknes Map Derived

Groundwater exploration in hard rock terrains of East Godavari district, Andhra Pradesh, India using AHP and WIO analyses together with geoelectrical surveys

Shallow geophysics of the Asinara Island Marine Reserve Area (NW Sardinia, Italy)

Map Derived sentence examples within Cover Map Derived


Response to RC1

Map Derived sentence examples within Reference Map Derived

Mapping Fluvial Inundation Extents with Graph Signal Filtering of River Depths Determined from Unsupervised Clustering of Synthetic Aperture Radar Imagery

Dry/wet snow mapping based on the synergistic use of dual polarimetric SAR and multispectral data

Map Derived sentence examples within Susceptibility Map Derived

Landslide Susceptibility Analysis: A Logistic Regression Model Case Study in Coonoor, India

Urban waterlogging susceptibility assessment based on a PSO-SVM method using a novel repeatedly random sampling idea to select negative samples

Map Derived sentence examples within Suitability Map Derived

Groundwater quality assessment for irrigation by adopting new suitability plot and spatial analysis based on fuzzy logic technique.

A comprehensive framework based on GIS-AHP for the installation of solar PV farms in Kahramanmaraş, Turkey

Map Derived sentence examples within Difference Map Derived

A Semisupervised Siamese Network for Efficient Change Detection in Heterogeneous Remote Sensing Images

New systemically measured sand mining budget for the Mekong Delta reveals rising trends and significant volume underestimations

Map Derived sentence examples within map derived soil

Crop-CASMA - A Web GIS Tool for Cropland Soil Moisture Monitoring and Assessment Based on SMAP Data

Estimation of root zone soil moisture using passive microwave remote sensing: A case study for rice and wheat crops for three states in the Indo-Gangetic basin.

Assessing Accuracy of Land Cover Change Maps Derived from Automated Digital Processing and Visual Interpretation in Tropical Forests in Indonesia

Multimodal visualization of complementary color-coded FA map and tensor glyphs for interactive tractography ROI seeding

Assessing metabolic similarity for read-across predictions

Are we speaking the industry language? The practice and literature of modernizing legacy systems with microservices

Apparent diffusion coefficient echoplanar imaging maps of the optic nerves in childhood idiopathic intracranial hypertension.

The influence of source maps on SILAM performance in modeling ragweed pollen concentrations in the area of a major European source

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Optimised and systematic suitable climate modelling confirms future longitudinal-trends for growing oil palm in Africa.

Smartphone Application Development for Rice Field Management Through Aerial Imagery and Normalised Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) Analysis

USPIO-enhanced MRI of pelvic lymph nodes at 7-T: preliminary experience

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Updated information on soil salinity in a typical oasis agroecosystem and desert-oasis ecotone: Case study conducted along the Tarim River, China.

Utility of dual-energy CT for predicting the vascularity of meningiomas.

A Study on the Geophysical Characteristics of the Coastal Area near Haenam Using Airborne and Shipborne Magnetic Survey

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Estimating soil salinity from remote sensing and terrain data in southern Xinjiang Province, China

WebGIS for Managing Household Data within a Provincial Big Data Project

Incorporation of pollen data in source maps is vital for pollen dispersion models (Discussion Paper)

Evidence of Major Structural Features over the Pan-African Domain in the Bertoua-Mbangue Area (East Cameroon) from a Multiscale Approach of Modeling and Interpretation of Aeromagnetic Data

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