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Crack kinking in a variational phase-field model of brittle fracture with strongly anisotropic surface energy

Sharp-interface approach for simulating solid-state dewetting in two dimensions: A Cahn–Hoffman ξ-vector formulation

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Design, fabrication, and measurement of an anisotropic holographic metasurface for generating vortex beams carrying orbital angular momentum.

Complementary metasurfaces for guiding electromagnetic waves

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The effect of anisotropic surface tension on interfacial evolution of a particle in the binary alloy melt


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Anisotropic Surface Remeshing without Obtuse Angles

Isotropic Surface Remeshing without Large and Small Angles

Isotropic Surface sentence examples within isotropic surface pattern

High-Performance Template Matching-Based Precision Measurement Using Googlenet

Droplet sliding behaviour on textured and fluorinated surface

Isotropic Surface sentence examples within isotropic surface reactivity

Surface broken bonds: An efficient way to assess the surface behaviour of fluorite

Linear and angular motion of self-diffusiophoretic Janus particles.

Isotropic Surface sentence examples within isotropic surface plasmon

Study on selective oxidations of gold nanorod and mesoporous silica-coated gold nanorod

Metasurface-mediated anisotropic radiative heat transfer between nanoparticles

Investigating directional reflection characteristics of anisotropic machined surfaces using a self-designed scatterometer.

Mixed Fluorinated/Hydrogenated Self-Assembled Monolayer-Protected Gold Nanoparticles: In Silico and In Vitro Behavior.

Anisotropy diffusion in monolayer growth of Au on Cu (110) by kinetic Monte Carlo method

2D nanostructure motion on anisotropic surfaces controlled by electromigration

Dual-template cascade synthesis of highly multi-branched Au nanoshells with ultrastrong NIR absorption and efficient photothermal therapeutic intervention.

Controlling the preferential motion of chiral molecular walkers on a surface† †Electronic supplementary information (ESI) available. See DOI: 10.1039/c9sc01135h

Directional Signatures of Surface Texture

Willmore surfaces in spheres: the DPW approach via the conformal Gauss map

Illumination Compensated images for surface roughness evaluation using machine vision in grinding process

Lossless Fast Drop Self-Transport on Anisotropic Omniphobic Surfaces: Origin and Elimination of Microscopic Liquid Residue.

On Geometry of Isophote Curves in Galilean space

Versatile four-axis gonioreflectometer for bidirectional reflectance distribution function measurements on anisotropic material surfaces

3D printing of bioinspired topographically oriented surfaces with frictional anisotropy for directional driving

Surface nanopatterning by colloidal lithography

Isotropic Surface 各向同性表面

Isotropic Surface 各向同性表面
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