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Improvement of Mechanical Properties of Anisotropic Glassy Polystyrene by Introducing Heat-Labile Reversible Bonds

Boundary element method for fracture mechanics analysis of 3d non-planar cracks in anisotropic solids

Theory of dislocation loops in multilayered anisotropic solids with magneto-electro-elastic couplings

Mechanical Behavior of Anisotropic Composite Materials as Micropolar Continua

Experimental and Modeling Study of the Evolution of Mechanical Properties of PAN-Based Carbon Fibers at Elevated Temperatures

Heat Conduction in Anisotropic Medium with Perfectly Conductive Thread-Like Inclusions

Orthotropic electro-thermal behaviour of highly-aligned carbon nanotube web based composites

Distributed point source modeling of the scattering of elastic waves by a circular cavity in an anisotropic half‐space

A unified scheme for dislocation-induced acoustic nonlinearity

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Isotropic Solids 各向同性固体

Isotropic Solids 各向同性固体
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