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Failure and mechanical behavior of transversely isotropic rock under compression-shear tests: Laboratory testing and numerical simulation

Three-Dimensional Creep Constitutive Model of Transversely Isotropic Rock

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Deformation of Rock Mass in the Vicinity of Underground Opening at Great Depth

An improved analytical approach for analyzing a circular opening excavated in a strain-softening rock mass

Isotropic Rock sentence examples within isotropic rock physic

Rock physics templates for anisotropic and heterogeneous reservoir rocks considering mineralogy, texture and pore-filling fluid

Determining reservoir intervals in the Bowland Shale using petrophysics and rock physics models

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Isotropic Rock sentence examples within isotropic rock mass

Behavior of tunnels excavated with dip and against dip

An equivalent anchoring method for anisotropic rock masses in underground tunnelling

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Stress-sensitivity analysis of rock mechanical and petrophysical properties of fractured tight sandstone under true-triaxial stresses in the laboratory

New modeling approach for tunnels under complex ground and loading conditions

A Statistical Damage Constitutive Model of Anisotropic Rock: Development and Validation

Modeling the orientation- and stress-dependent permeability of anisotropic rock with particle-based discrete element method

Numerical Analysis of Anisotropic Influence of Mode-I Fracture Toughness under Dynamic Loading for Rock using GPGPU-based Three-Dimensional Combined Finite-Discrete Element Method (FDEM)

Challenges to study the Anisotropic Rocks using index tests in the Himalaya Region: A review from the Nepal Himalaya

Mechanical properties of 4 rocks at different temperatures and fracture assessment using the strain energy density criterion

A new mixed-mode fracture criterion of anisotropic rock

Shear mechanism of fracture initiation from a horizontal well in layered shale


Elastoplastic source model for microseismicity and acoustic emission

Effective moduli of rocks predicted by the Kuster–Toksöz and Mori–Tanaka models

Rock thermal properties from well-logging data accounting for thermal anisotropy

Laboratory measurements of ultrasonic wave velocities of rock samples and their relation to log data: A case study from Mumbai offshore

Cylindrical Caved Space Stability Analysis for Extension Prediction of Mining-Induced Surface Subsidence

Digital core construction of fractured carbonate rocks and pore-scale analysis of acoustic properties

Shear fracture (Mode II) toughness measurement of anisotropic rock

Anisotropic properties of shale and its impact on underground structures: an experimental and numerical simulation

Determining fast-S and slow-S propagation directions with SV-P data produced by buried explosives and recorded with vertical geophones

On the anisotropy of shear fracture toughness in rocks

Analysis of failure behaviour of the anisotropic rocks in the point load index test

Can plasticity explain microseismic source mechanisms?

Fracture evolution in artificial bedded rocks containing a structural flaw under uniaxial compression

Failure, crack initiation and the tensile strength of transversely isotropic rock using the Brazilian test

Non-axisymmetric and/or non-elementary response of anisotropic tuff in axisymmetric, elementary triaxial test

Influence of fluids on VP/VS ratio: increase or decrease?

On Brazilian disk test for mixed-mode I/II fracture toughness experiments of anisotropic rocks

Constitutive model for inherent anisotropic rocks: Ubiquitous joint model based on the Hoek-Brown failure criterion

Multi-Parameter Tomographic Inversion for Imaging 2D Electrical Resistivity Anisotropy

Static and dynamic elastic moduli of organic‐rich chalk

Three-dimensional DEM investigation of the fracture behaviour of thermally degraded rocks with consideration of material anisotropy

Modified semi-circular bend test to determine the fracture toughness of anisotropic rocks

Comparison between Salt crystallization weathering test and natural weathering in Mesozoic’s anisotropic rocks, a case study: Arakʾs Calcareous slates, Iran

A hydromechanical approach for anisotropic elasto-viscoplastic geomaterials: Application to underground excavations in sedimentary rocks

Anisotropic influence of fracture toughness on loading rate dependency for granitic rocks

Determination of strength variation in jointed anisotropic rocks behavior using UCS and Brazilian Tensile test

Assessment of cerchar abrasivity test in anisotropic rocks

XFEM modeling for curved fracture in the anisotropic fracture toughness medium

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Isotropic Rock 各向同性岩石

Isotropic Rock 各向同性岩石
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