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Effective elastic properties of transversely isotropic materials with concave pores

Isotropic Materials sentence examples within Homogeneou Isotropic Materials

Effect of boundary conditions in the experimental determination of structural damping

A new peridynamic mixed-mode bond failure model for interface delamination and homogeneous materials fracture analysis

Isotropic Materials sentence examples within Thin Isotropic Materials

Potential and challenges of a solid-shell element for the macroscopic forming simulation of engineering textiles

Experimental and analytical studies on natural frequencies of thin bonded metallic plates

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Investigation of asymmetrical fiber metal hybrids used as load introduction element for thin-walled CFRP structures

Thermal conductivity of biobased insulation building materials measured by hot disk: possibilities and recommendation

Anisotropic behaviors of helically corrugated cylindrical shells: Homogenized in-plane stiffness

On the effect of the ratio between the yield stresses in shear and in uniaxial tension on forming of isotropic materials

Computing the effective crack energy of heterogeneous and anisotropic microstructures via anisotropic minimal surfaces

Orientation control of optical mode ferromagnetic resonance: From uniaxial to omni-directional

The tolerance modelling of vibrations of periodic sandwich structures – Comparison of simple modelling approaches

Penta-PdPSe: A New 2D Pentagonal Material with Highly In-Plane Optical, Electronic, and Optoelectronic Anisotropy.

Theoretical and experimental study on the continuum damage mechanical (CDM) behavior of RTPs under axial tension

Isotropic Thermal Cloaks with Thermal Manipulation Function Supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 51406168).

Safe dispersion: a graphical user interface for modelling guided wave propagation in elastic solids

Orthogonally polarised shear waves for evaluating anisotropy and cracks in metals

Mixed Finite Element Computation of Energy Release Rate in Anisotropic Materials Based on Virtual Crack Closure-Integral Method

Effect of non-associated flow rule on fracture prediction of metal sheets using a novel anisotropic ductile fracture criterion

Stress Analysis of Hollow Orthotropic Cylinders with Oval Cross-Section

Anisotropic analysis of fibrous and woven materials part 2: Computation of effective conductivity

Strain Field Development of a Rectangular Dislocation Loop in a Semi-Infinite Medium with Verification

Probability based impact localization in plate structures using an error index

Anisotropic Multi-layer Elliptical Waveguides Incorporating Graphene Layers: A Novel Analytical Model

Constitutive artificial neural networks: A fast and general approach to predictive data-driven constitutive modeling by deep learning

The Relationship between the Mechanical Properties of Anisotropic Materials and Their Thermophysical Characteristics Using the Example of Pine Wood

First-principles calculations to investigate structural, elastic, electronic and optical properties of lead-free perovskite derivatives Cs2SeX6 (X=Cl, Br, I)

Experimental and Numerical Studies of Gas Permeability through Orthogonal Networks for Isotropic Porous Material

About copying a free-space electromagnetic field by an invisible object

Chip formation in machining of anisotropic plastic materials—a finite element modeling strategy applied to wood

Embedding Collagen in Multilayers for Enzyme-Assisted Mineralization: A Promising Way to Direct Crystallization in Confinement.

The Potential Scope of the Ultrasonic Surface Reflection Method Towards Mechanical Characterisation of Isotropic Materials. Part 1. A Theoretical Analysis

Construction of Asynchronous Cell-Automatic Model for Research the Thermal Mass Transfer Process

Axially- and torsionally-polarized radially converging shear wave MRE in an anisotropic phantom made via Embedded Direct Ink Writing.

Analytical determination of anisotropic parameters for Poly6 yield function

Effect of transition metal element additions on the mechanical and electronic properties of L10 CoNi alloys

Mechanical Metrics of Virtual Polycrystals (MechMet)

Thermal properties of wood measured by the hot-disk method: comparison with thermal properties measured by the steady-state method

Nonuniform bending theory of hyperelastic beams in finite elasticity

A Study of the Anisotropic Static Elasticity System in Thin Domain

A continuum-kinematics-inspired peridynamic model of anisotropic continua: Elasticity, damage, and fracture

The measurement of anisotropic thermal transport using time-resolved magneto-optical Kerr effect

Optimized design for illusion device by genetic algorithm

From shear centre to eigenwrenches

Composites and additive manufacturing for high-field coil supports for stellarators

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Isotropic Materials 各向同性材料

Isotropic Materials 各向同性材料
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