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17O NMR studies of organic and biological molecules in aqueous solution and in the solid state.

The Earliest Researches on Liquid Crystals

Tuning shape and internal structure of protein droplets via biopolymer filaments

Kirkwood-Buff integrals from molecular simulation

Effect of fullerenes C60 on dielectric properties and the threshold voltage of smectic A liquid crystal

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A review of nanocrystalline cellulose suspensions: Rheology, liquid crystal ordering and colloidal phase behaviour.

Li+ and K+ ionic conductivity in ionic nematic liquid crystals based on 18-diaza-crown ether substituted with six decylalkoxy-p-cyanobiphenyl chains

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Isotropic Liquids 各向同性液体

Isotropic Liquids 各向同性液体
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