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Anisotropic hydrostatic intraluminal esophageal stretch: Prototyping and initial testing in vivo

A criterion for general description of anisotropic hardening considering strength differential effect with non-associated flow rule

Crystal structure and hydrogen absorption− desorption property of La5Co19

Understanding the origin of disorder in kesterite-type chalcogenides A2ZnBQ4 (A = Cu, Ag; B = Sn, Ge; Q = S, Se): the influence of inter-layer interactions.

Film-based anisotropic balloon inflatable bending actuator

Auxin and cell wall crosstalk as revealed by the Arabidopsis thaliana cellulose synthase mutant radially swollen 1.

Unraveling the Structure of the Poly(triazine imide)/LiCl Photocatalyst: Cooperation of Facile Syntheses and a Low-Temperature Synchrotron Approach.

Spacetime Symmetry and LemaîTre Class Dark Energy Models

Structure, kinematics, and ages of the young stellar populations in the Orion region

Anisotropic expansion and size-dependent fracture of silicon nanotubes during lithiation

Quasi-Isotropic Expansion for a Two-Fluid Cosmological Model Containing Radiation and String Gas

On the role of anisotropic expansion and yield stress on crack tip precipitates

Simultaneous control of Gaussian curvature and buckling direction by swelling of asymmetric trilayer hydrogel hybrids.

Effects of Interface Induced Natural Strains on Magnetic Properties of FeRh

Effect of Carbon Insertion on the Structural and Magnetic Properties of NdScSi.

Microtubule-associated protein IQ67 DOMAIN5 regulates morphogenesis of leaf pavement cells in Arabidopsis thaliana

Tissue Expansion: Scalable and Isotropic Expansion of Tissues with Simply Tunable Expansion Ratio (Adv. Sci. 22/2019)

Effects of radiative local heating on metal solidification during selective laser melting for additive manufacturing

Evolution of Ovipositor Length in Drosophila suzukii Is Driven by Enhanced Cell Size Expansion and Anisotropic Tissue Reorganization

Understanding the effect of moisture variation on the hygromechanical properties of porosity-controlled nonwoven biocomposites

An Open-Source Tool for Anisotropic Radiation Therapy Planning in Neuro-oncology Using DW-MRI Tractography

Topochemical Synthesis of Single-Crystalline Hydrogen-Bonded Cross-Linked Organic Frameworks and Their Guest-Induced Elastic Expansion.

High-pressure polymorphism of BaFe2Se3.

Negative thermal expansion behavior in orthorhombic Sc2(MoO4)3 and Sc2(WO4)3

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Isotropic Expansion 各向同性膨胀

Isotropic Expansion 各向同性膨胀
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