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Aprendizagem Tecnológica: uma Análise da Contribuição dos Mecanismos de Aquisição e Conversão do Conhecimento para o Acúmulo da Capacidade Tecnológica

The role of internal knowledge generation and external knowledge acquisition in tourist districts

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Patent Classification as Stimulus for Inspiring New Applications of Existing Knowledge

The diversity of knowledge sources and its impact on firm-level innovation: Evidence from Germany

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Mitigating not-invented-here and not-sold-here problems: The role of corporate innovation hubs

The Roles of ICTs in Product Innovation in Southeast Asia

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Internal Knowledge sentence examples within internal knowledge base

Development of an Ontology-Based Knowledge Network by Interconnecting Soil/Water Concepts/Properties, Derived from Standards Methods and Published Scientific References Outlining Infiltration/Percolation Process of Contaminated Water

When does the diverse partnership of R&D alliances promote new product development? The contingent effect of the knowledge base

Internal Knowledge sentence examples within internal knowledge source

Pathways to innovation in Romanian software SMEs: Exploring the impact of interdependencies between internationalisation and knowledge sources

The up- and downside of collaboration in core and non-core technologies – Selective, contingent, and orchestrated openness in R&D collaborations

Internal Knowledge sentence examples within internal knowledge management

Determinants of radical drug innovation: a systematic literature review

SME ambidexterity during economic recessions: the role of managerial external capabilities

Internal Knowledge sentence examples within internal knowledge transfer

Knowledge transfer for innovativeness in family businesses

Transactive memory systems mediation role in the relationship between motivation and internal knowledge transfers in a military environment

Internal Knowledge sentence examples within internal knowledge sharing

Resource utilization model for sustainable solid waste management in Vietnam: A crisis response hierarchical structure

The Impact of Internal Knowledge Sharing on Sales Department’s Innovativeness and New Product Commercialization

Internal Knowledge sentence examples within internal knowledge generation

Influence of organisational innovation and innovation in general on eco-innovation in European companies

The role of internal knowledge generation and external knowledge acquisition in tourist districts

Measuring Systematic Risk from Managerial Organization Capital

Descripción e intervención lingüística de la Revista de archivos, bibliotecas y museos durante el siglo XIX

From the sandy beaches of Crab Creek to the Tarkett of WAAPA: a case study of intrinsic praxis in teaching methods of movement

Drivers of export upgrading: Evidence from panel data for upper-middle and high income groups, low and lower-middle income groups

Applied geoethics: CITI199’s essays from the Austral University of Chile

Knowledge management capabilities and organizational risk-taking for business model innovation in SMEs

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Effect of Consumers’ Demographic Characteristics on Infomercial Characteristics and Purchase Intention towards Infomercial Advertised Products

The Impact of Specialized Knowledge Search on Enterprise Innovation

Distributed metacognition: Increased bias and deficits in metacognitive sensitivity when retrieving information from the internet.

Seitenwechsel aus der Politik in die Wirtschaft

Integrating Big Data Analytics, Systems Thinking and Viable Systems Approach Towards a Shift from Individual to Collective Intelligence and Collective Knowledge Systems

Special issue on Data and Methodological Issues for New Insights in Global Marketing: A Commentary

How do apprentices moderate the influence of organizational innovation on the technological innovation process?

Analysis method of big data based on K-means algorithm

An Efficient Data Mining Technique for Structural Strength Monitoring System

Fake News Detection on News-Oriented Heterogeneous Information Networks through Hierarchical Graph Attention

Innovation Outcomes of Digitally Enabled Collaborative Problemistic Search Capability

Evaluation of Innovation Ability of Industrial Cluster

Organisational barriers to nascent born-global growth: Learning from the inside


A new Transparent Ensemble Method based on Deep learning

Reflexive adaptation for resilient water services: Lessons for theory and practice

HideNoSeek: Camouflaging Malicious JavaScript in Benign ASTs

Inter-organizational Cooperation as part of Open Innovation

Augmented reality head-up displays effect on drivers’ spatial knowledge acquisition

Towards a deeper understanding of the emergence of process innovations: Which role do inter-organisational learning and internal knowledge exploitation play?

The role of universities in the knowledge management of smart city projects

Innovation strategies, external knowledge and productivity growth

Special Issue on Smart Production

Leveraging global sources of knowledge for business model innovation

Application of interval valued fuzzy-rough numbers in multi-criteria decision making: The IVFRN-MAIRCA model

Why are they hiding? Patent secrecy and patenting strategies

Towards a Transparent Deep Ensemble Method Based on Multiagent Argumentation

Green innovation and knowledge: The role of size

When and how often to externally commercialize technologies? a critical review of outbound open innovation

Analyzing and Improving Customer-Side Cloud Security Certifiability

Adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system for evaluating dysarthric automatic speech recognition (ASR) systems: a case study on MVML-based ASR

Establishing relationships with distant suppliers to explore discontinuous innovation

Homogenous Granulation and Its Epsilon Variant

A Multi-objective Examples Generation Approach to Fool the Deep Neural Networks in the Black-Box Scenario

Explainable, Transparent Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems: First International Workshop, EXTRAAMAS 2019, Montreal, QC, Canada, May 13–14, 2019, Revised Selected Papers

Design for Assembly in the Conceptual Development of Aircraft Systems

Internal Knowledge 内部知识

Internal Knowledge 内部知识
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