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On-Road and In-Vehicle Delivery of Service Signs: Effects of Information Source and Age

Target detection method for small defects in ink area of planar glass element

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RNAseq Studies Reveal Distinct Transcriptional Response to Vitamin a (VA) Deficiency in Small Intestine (SI) versus Colon, Discovering Novel VA-regulated Genes (P15-002-19).

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In the digital world, all roads lead to Rome. But is Rome prepared?

Automation of the Solution to the Problem of Optimizing Traffic in a Multimodal Logistics System

The study of security application of LOGO recognition technology in sports video

Simultaneous attack strategy against a maneuvering target with unknown acceleration

A Highway Entrance Vehicle Logo Recognition System Based on Convolutional Neural Network

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Optimization and Simulation on Tanker Vessels Scheduling for Efficient Terminal Operations

Analysıs of Offıcıal Internet Sıtes of Sport Clubs In Terms of Socıal Medıa and Marketıng Communıcatıon: A Study on Turkısh and German Sport Clubs

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