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Hydrological benefits of restoring wildfire regimes in the Sierra Nevada persist in a warming climate

Annual precipitation drives fire occurrence across sub-humid and semi-arid ecological gradients

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Divergent, plausible, and relevant climate futures for near- and long-term resource planning

The issue of properly ordering climate indices calculation and bias correction before identifying spatial analogs for agricultural applications

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A new approach for improving representation of boreal forest phenology in land surface models

Distribution and richness of amphibians under different climate change scenarios in a subtropical region of South America

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Predicting the Future Distribution of Ara rubrogenys, an Endemic Endangered Bird Species of the Andes, Taking into Account Trophic Interactions

Can leaf net photosynthesis acclimate to rising and more variable temperatures?

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Surprising Drought Tolerance of Fir (Abies) Species between Past Climatic Adaptation and Future Projections Reveals New Chances for Adaptive Forest Management

Surprising Drought Tolerance of Fir (Abies) Species between Past Climatic Adaptation and Future Projections Reveals New Chances for Adaptive Forest Management

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Agronomic and environmental performance of dairy farms in a warmer, wetter climate

Using Multiobjective Optimization to Inform Green Infrastructure Decisions as Part of Robust Integrated Water Resources Management Plans.

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Thermal niche for germination and early seedling establishment at the leading edge of two pine species, under a changing climate

Scenario-based prediction of climate change impacts on building cooling energy consumption with explainable artificial intelligence

A Comparison of Tropical Cyclone Projections in a High-resolution Global Climate Model and from Downscaling by Statistical and Statistical-deterministic Methods

Future Representation of Species’ Climatic Niches in Protected Areas: A Case Study With Austrian Endemics

Stratification in a Reservoir Mixed by Bubble Plumes under Future Climate Scenarios

Hydraulically‐vulnerable trees survive on deep‐water access during droughts in a tropical forest

Predation by protists influences the temperature response of microbial communities

Differences in Branch Hydraulic Architecture Related to the Aridity of Growing Sites and Seed Sources of Coastal Douglas-fir Saplings.

Climate change and drinking water from Scottish peatlands: Where increasing DOC is an issue?

Dryline characteristics in North America’s historical and future climates

Including Host Availability and Climate Change Impacts on the Global Risk Area of Carpomya pardalina (Diptera: Tephritidae)

Potential future changes in wildfire weather and behavior around 11 Canadian cities

Current and future potential distributions of Helicoverpa punctigera (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae): is this the next FAW?

A Test of Species Distribution Model Transferability Across Environmental and Geographic Space for 108 Western North American Tree Species

Hurricane dynamics and rapid intensification via dynamical systems indicators

An Evaluation of Habitat Uses and Their Implications for the Conservation of the Chinese Bumblebee Bombus pyrosoma (Hymenoptera: Apidae)

A framework for the development of hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) as a crop for the future in tropical environments

Earth system resilience through planetary active inference.

Is the grass always greener? Land surface phenology reveals differences in peak and season‐long vegetation productivity responses to climate and management

Anthropogenic Influences on Tornadic Storms

Effects of temperature and photoperiod on the seasonal timing of Western honey bee colonies and an early spring flowering plant

Projecting the impacts of housing on temperature-related mortality in London during typical future years

Climate change shifts forward flowering and reduces crop waterlogging stress

Limited thermal acclimation of photosynthesis in tropical montane tree species.

Risk Assessment of Joint Sealing Tape in Joints between Precast Concrete Sandwich Panels Resilient to Climate Change

Using gradient Forest to predict climate response and adaptation in Cork oak

Climate‐based ensemble modelling to evaluate the global distribution of Anoplophora glabripennis (Motschulsky)

Persistent Anomaly Changes in High-Resolution Climate Simulations

Different effects of water-saving management on canopy microclimate, spikelet sterility, and rice yield in the dry and wet seasons of the sub-humid tropics in northern Ghana

The Impact of Climate Change on Hydro-meteorological Droughts Using Copula Functions

Constraints and variation in food web link-species space

Climate change projections for sustainable and healthy cities

An Integrated Framework Reinstating the Environmental Dimension for GWAS and Genomic Selection in Crops.

Carbon dioxide responsiveness mitigates rice yield loss under high night temperature.

Extreme windstorms and sting jets in convection-permitting climate simulations over Europe

Responses of Grain Yield and Yield Related Parameters to Post-Heading Low-Temperature Stress in Japonica Rice

High-resolution land-use land-cover change data for regional climate modelling applications over Europe – Part 2: Historical and future changes

Greater vulnerability of snowmelt-fed river thermal regimes to a warming climate

The present and future offshore wind resource in the Southwestern African region

Extreme windstorms and sting-jets in convection-permitting climate simulations over Europe

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