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Solving second order non-linear parabolic PDEs using generalized finite difference method (GFDM)

Exponential Time Differencing for the Tracer Equations Appearing in Primitive Equation Ocean Models

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Explicit/implicit and Crank-Nicolson domain decomposition methods for parabolic partial differential equations

An Explicit Mapped Tent Pitching Scheme for Maxwell Equations

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An asymptotic preserving scheme for the two-dimensional shallow water equations with Coriolis forces

Anisotropic microplane constitutive model for coupling creep and damage in layered geomaterials such as gas or oil shale

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Comparative study of grids based on the cubic crystal system for the FDTD solution of the wave equation

An efficient and fully explicit model to simulate delayed activator–inhibitor systems with anomalous diffusion

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Unified approach to implicit and explicit solvent simulations of electrochemical reaction energetics.

stella: An operator-split, implicit-explicit δf-gyrokinetic code for general magnetic field configurations

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Construction of global solutions for a symmetric system of Keyfitz–Kranzer type with three piecewise constant states

A high-order weighted compact high resolution scheme with boundary closures for compressible turbulent flows with shocks

Capacity Upper Bounds for Deletion-type Channels

Evaluating the biochemical changes of LPS-stimulated endothelial cells by synchrotron FTIR microspectroscopy at a single-cell level

Optimal Resolution Methods for the Klein–Gordon–Dirac System in the Nonrelativistic Limit Regime

Image-based simulations of absolute permeability with massively parallel pseudo-compressible stabilised finite element solver

Post-buckling and dynamic response of angled struts in elastic lattices

Quine and the Kantian Problem of Objectivity

Obowiązująca Konstytucja Naddniestrzańskiej Republiki Mołdawskiej z 1995 r.

Affordable Estimation of Solvation Contributions to the Adsorption Energies of Oxygenates on Metal Nanoparticles

The Historical Phonology of Tibetan, Burmese, and Chinese

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A formulation for high-fidelity simulations of pool boiling in low gravity

Pricing interest rate, dividend, and equity risk

A simple explicit homogenization solution for the macroscopic elastic response of isotropic porous elastomers

Fully Explicit 完全显式

Fully Explicit 完全显式
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