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Neural networks for computing the continuous nonlinear Fourier spectrum in focusing nonlinear Schrodinger equation: NFT-Net

Solitons in a box-shaped wavefield with noise: perturbation theory and statistics

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Flow Regimes Identification of Gas-Water Two-Phase Flow Using Conductance and Continuous Wave Ultrasonic Doppler Sensors

Electro-thermal comprehensive analysis method for defective bushings in HVDC converter transformer valve-side under multiple-frequency voltage and current harmonics

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Fabrication of anti-reflective microstructures on chalcogenide crystals by femtosecond laser ablation

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Experimental investigation of rotating instability in a contra-rotating axial flow compressor

Discovery and Seismic Analysis of an EL CVn-type Binary with Hybrid δ Sct-γ Dor Pulsations

Fractional pseudorandom generators from any fourier level

Efficient Fourier single-pixel imaging with Gaussian random sampling

Experimental Study on Seismic Response of Buried Oil and Gas Pipeline Soil Layers under Lateral Multipoint Excitation

Effect of Pressure on the Interlayer Charge Transport and the Electronic Structure of the Metallic Layers in the Organic Two-Dimensional Bilayer Metal (BETS)4CoBr4(DCB)

Preliminary spectral matching analysis of RDE site at Serpong Indonesia

Implications of Site Effects and Attenuation Properties for Estimation of Earthquake Source Characteristics in Kinnaur Himalaya, India

Exploring the Relationship between Preprocessing and Hyperparameter Tuning for Vibration-Based Machine Fault Diagnosis Using CNNs

The Dynamic Amplification Effect of A Site with Earth Fissures: A Case Study in the Taiyuan Basin, China

A Method Based on Spectrum Superposition for Minimizing the Hazards of Blasting Vibration

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Sampling signals with finite set of apertures

F-mixup: Attack CNNs From Fourier Perspective

A Simulation Study of Loess Slope Instability and Damage Under Intensive Seismic Vibration

Multi-level dissipation element analysis of the surface temperature of the South China Sea

High-resolution at 3T for in vivo derivative NMR spectroscopy in medical diagnostics of ovarian tumor: exact quantification by shape estimations

Period Doubling Bifurcations and Its Control in Induction Motor Drives

Conditioned Simulation of Ground-Motion Time Series at Uninstrumented Sites Using Gaussian Process Regression

A Novel Fourier-based Approach for Camera Identification

Hybrid Method for Gibbs-Ringing Artifact Suppression in Magnetic Resonance Images

Generation of westerly wind bursts by forcing outside the tropics

Studies of wave interaction of high-order Korteweg-de Vries equation by means of the homotopy strategy and neural network prediction

SNR study on Fourier single-pixel imaging

Light-induced pattern formation of colloidal particle suspensions driven by optical feedback

Flow Regimes Identification-based Multidomain Features for Gas–Liquid Two-Phase Flow in Horizontal Pipe

Correspondence Fourier-transform ghost imaging

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Feature extraction method based on adaptive and concise empirical wavelet transform and its applications in bearing fault diagnosis

Frequency Centric Defense Mechanisms against Adversarial Examples

Study on Deformation Characteristics of Diesel Engine Cylinder Liner under Different Influencing Factors

Diffusion of a magnetic skyrmion in 2-dimensional space

A method for detection of Mode-Mixing problem

VCSEL with multi-transverse cavities with bandwidth beyond 100 GHz

Modal Parameters Identification of Bridge Structures from GNSS Data Using the Improved Empirical Wavelet Transform

Miniaturized optoacoustic feedback sensor for smart laser osteotome: Fiber-coupled Fabry-Pérot etalon sensor

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Fourier Spectrum 傅里叶谱

Fourier Spectrum 傅里叶谱
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