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Self-Assembling Nonconjugated Poly(amide-imide) into Thermoresponsive Nanovesicles with Unexpected Red Fluorescence for Bioimaging.

Near-infrared polymer light-emitting diodes based on an inverted device structure

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Synthesis of novel coumarin containing conjugated fluorescent polymers by Suzuki cross-coupling reactions and their chemosensing studies for iron and mercury ions


Water-Soluble Blue Fluorescent Nonconjugated Polymer Dots from Hyaluronic Acid and Hydrophobic Amino Acids

Experimental and computational studies of novel Sudan-I dye modified conjugated oligomers: Efficient 1O2 generation and antileishmanial characteristics

Ultrasensitive and portable fluorescence polyurethane indicator paper for real-time, visual and selective detection of 2,4,6-trinitrophenol

Hyperfluorescent polymers enabled by through-space charge transfer polystyrene sensitizers for high-efficiency and full-color electroluminescence

Multicolor Chemiluminescent Resonance Energy-Transfer System for In Vivo High-Contrast and Targeted Imaging.

Optical detection of waterborne pathogens using nanomaterials

Radical polymerization inside living cells

A new approach for routine quantification of microplastics using Nile Red and automated software (MP-VAT).

A generic approach towards afterglow luminescent nanoparticles for ultrasensitive in vivo imaging

Excited state intramolecular proton transfer process in benzazole fluorophores tailored by polymeric matrix: A combined theoretical and experimental study

In Situ Monitoring of Fluorescent Polymer Brushesby Angle-Scanning Based Surface Plasmon Coupled Emission

Photophysical relaxation mechanism of excited phtalimide compounds

Effects of synthesis methodology on microporous organic hyper-cross-linked polymers with respect to structural porosity, gas uptake performance and fluorescence properties

CO2 -Activated Reversible Transition between Polymersomes and Micelles with AIE Fluorescence.

A novel bio-based AB2 monomer for preparing hyperbranched polyamides derived from levulinic acid and furfurylamine

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Fluorescent Polymers 荧光聚合物

Fluorescent Polymers 荧光聚合物
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