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A High-content Screening Assay based on Automated Microscopy for Monitoring Antibiotic Susceptibility of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Phenotypes

A high-throughput screening assay based on automated microscopy for monitoring antibiotic susceptibility of Mycobacterium tuberculosis phenotypes

Estimation of bispectral characteristics of fluorescent objects based on multispectral imaging data

A Compact Representation for Fluorescent Spectral Data

Spectral reconstruction of fluorescent objects with mutual illumination effects.

Scan-Less, Kilo-Pixel, Line-Field Confocal Phase Imaging with Spectrally Encoded Dual-Comb Microscopy

Effect of Element Iodine on the Cell Membrane Transportability of Fluorescent Polymers and Lysosome-Targeted Cell Imaging

Review on Feature Extraction for 3-D Incoherent Image Processing Using Optical Scanning Holography

Non-invasive light focusing in scattering media using speckle variance optimization.

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Fluorescent Objects 荧光物体

Fluorescent Objects 荧光物体
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