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Fluorescent Molecules sentence examples within aggregation induced emission

Water-soluble host-guest fluorescent systems based on fluorophores and cucurbiturils with AIE or ACQ effects

Encapsulation of NIR-II AIEgens in Virus-like Particles for Bioimaging.

Fluorescent Molecules sentence examples within high dynamic range

Antibody Responses to SARS-CoV-2 after Infection or Vaccination in Children and Young Adults with Inflammatory Bowel Disease


Fluorescent Molecules sentence examples within fluorescence correlation spectroscopy

Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy Measurement Based on Fiber Optics for Biological Materials

Fluorescent Molecules sentence examples within Organic Fluorescent Molecules

Pathogenic Virus Detection by Optical Nanobiosensors

Polarization dependent beaming properties of a plasmonic lattice laser

Fluorescent Molecules sentence examples within Single Fluorescent Molecules

Single-molecule localization to imaging the LDOS modification by an array of plasmonic hollow conical nanopillars

Sodium sulfite as a switching agent for single molecule based super-resolution optical microscopy

Fluorescent Molecules sentence examples within Small Fluorescent Molecules

Recent advances in fluorescent probes for cellular antioxidants: Detection of NADH, hNQO1, H2S, and other redox biomolecules

The orientation of a membrane probe from structural analysis by enhanced Raman scattering

Fluorescent Molecules sentence examples within Individual Fluorescent Molecules

Single-molecule localization microscopy

Proteome-wide Quantification of Labeling Homogeneity at the Single Molecule Level.

Fluorescent Molecules sentence examples within New Fluorescent Molecules

Synthesis of a New Amino-Furopyridine-Based Compound as a Novel Fluorescent pH Sensor in Aqueous Solution

Diversity-oriented synthesis of blue emissive nitrogen heterocycles and their conjugation with carbon nano-onions

Fluorescent Molecules sentence examples within Free Fluorescent Molecules

Imaging Microtubules in vitro at High Resolution while Preserving their Structure.

Luminescent Carbon Dots Synthesized by the Laser Ablation of Graphite in Polyethylenimine and Ethylenediamine

Fluorescent Molecules sentence examples within Highly Fluorescent Molecules

New 3-Ethynylaryl Coumarin-Based Dyes for DSSC Applications: Synthesis, Spectroscopic Properties, and Theoretical Calculations

Understanding and Tailoring Excited State Properties in Solution-Processable Oligo(p-phenyleneethynylene)s: Highly Fluorescent Hybridized Local and Charge Transfer Character via Experiment and Theory.

Fluorescent Molecules sentence examples within Cy3 Fluorescent Molecules

Multicolor fluorescence encoding of different microRNAs in lung cancer tissues at the single-molecule level

Simultaneous Enzyme-Free Detection of Multiple Long Noncoding RNAs in Cancer Cells at Single-Molecule/Particle Level.

Fluorescent Molecules sentence examples within Multiple Fluorescent Molecules

Quantitative multiplexing in biological tissue using multispectral and fluorescence lifetime imaging

Preparation of multiple-spectra encoded polyphosphazene microspheres and application for antibody detection

Fluorescent Molecules sentence examples within Activated Fluorescent Molecules

LSPARCOM: deep unfolded super-resolution microscopy

Sparsity-based approach for 3D super-resolution microscopy from correlation information of high emitter-density frames

Fluorescent Molecules sentence examples within Two Fluorescent Molecules

Probing the structural features and the micro-heterogeneity of various deep eutectic solvents and their water dilutions by the photophysical behaviour of two fluorophores

Comparing the delivery to the hair bulb of two fluorescent molecules of distinct hydrophilicities by different nanoparticles and a serum formulation.

Fluorescent Molecules sentence examples within Conjugated Fluorescent Molecules

Ultrasensitive in Vivo Fluorescence Imaging of Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Small Molecule-Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells in BALB/c mice.

Quantum approach for nanoparticle fluorescence by sub‐ns photon detection

Fluorescent Molecules sentence examples within Endogenou Fluorescent Molecules

Microsurgical Dissection and Tissue Clearing for High Resolution Intact Whole Retina and Vitreous Imaging.

A Novel Polyaniline Nanofiber Combined with Toluidine Blue as a Sensitive Detection Platform for Lignin by Raman Spectroscopy

Fluorescent Molecules sentence examples within fluorescent molecules inside

Self-Interference (SELFI) Microscopy for Live Super-Resolution Imaging and Single Particle Tracking in 3D

Shear-Induced Encapsulation into Red Blood Cells: A New Microfluidic Approach to Drug Delivery

Technical Considerations for Contemporary Western Blot Techniques.

Optical diffraction tomography from single-molecule localization microscopy

Near-Infrared-Light emitting diode driven white light Emission: Upconversion nanoparticles decorated Metal-Organic Frame-works thin film

Rapid Ensemble Measurement of Protein Diffusion, Probe Blinking and Photobleaching Dynamics in the Complex Cellular Space

Practicable Applications of Aggregation-Induced Emission with Biomedical Perspective.

Device fabrication on curvilinear two-dimensional surfaces using polymer probes

Full-field fluorescence lifetime dual-comb microscopy using spectral mapping and frequency multiplexing of dual-comb optical beats

Rapid ensemble measurement of protein diffusion and probe blinking dynamics in cells

Enhance fluorescence study of grating structure based on three kinds of optical disks

Chiral figure-eight molecular scaffold for fluorescent probe development.

High-contrast fluorescence polarization microscopy through stimulated emission

Development of nanobody-based POLArIS orientation probes enabled multi-color/multi-target orientation imaging in living cells.

Computational modeling for the evaluation of suppressed scintillation yields in plastic scintillators using Geant4.

Competitive influence of the plasmon effect and energy transfer between chromophores and Ag nanoparticles on the fluorescent properties of indopolycarbocyanine dyes

Silver Nanoparticles Functionalized by Fluorescein Isothiocyanate or Rhodamine B Isothiocyanate: Fluorescent and Plasmonic Materials

Nanoart and the Moving Image: Shifts in Perception from Optical Microscopy to Nanoscopy

Dual-emission 3D supramolecular framework hydrogel beads: highly selective detection of antibiotics and mechanism research.

Single-Molecule Study of Redox Reaction Kinetics by Observing Fluorescence Blinking.

Stimuli responsive nanogels with intrinsic fluorescence: Promising nanovehicles for controlled drug delivery and cell internalization detection in diverse cancer cell lines

Genetically Encoded Photosensitizer for Destruction of Protein or Cell Function.

Solving 0-1 Integer Programming Problem Based on DNA Strand Displacement Reaction Network.

Single-photon avalanche diode imaging sensor for subsurface fluorescence LiDAR

Bisretinoids of the Retina: Photo-Oxidation, Iron-Catalyzed Oxidation, and Disease Consequences

Late-stage functionalisation of alkyne-modified phospha-xanthene dyes: lysosomal imaging using an off–on–off type of pH probe†

In-Situ One-Step Direct Loading of Agents in Poly(acrylic acid) Coating Deposited by Aerosol-Assisted Open-Air Plasma

Microscale Thermophoresis (MST) to Detect the Interaction Between Purified Protein and Small Molecule.

Computerized fluorescence microscopy of microbial cells.

Single-molecule orientation localization microscopy II: a performance comparison.

Rational selection of Genetic tests in Clinical Practice Part 1 - Cytogenetics, FISH and Microarray

Detection of kidney disease biomarkers based on fluorescence technology

Characterization of supercooled droplets in an icing wind tunnel using laser-induced fluorescence

Dielectrophoretic Trapping for Nanoparticles, High-Molecule-Weight DNA, and SYBR Gold Using Polyimide-Based Printed Circuit Board

Quantitative evaluation of macromolecular crowding environment based on translational and rotational diffusion using polarization dependent fluorescence correlation spectroscopy

Recent Advances in Multimodal Molecular Imaging of Cancer Mediated by Hybrid Magnetic Nanoparticles

Remarkable Increase of Fluorescence Quantum Efficiency by Cyano Substitution on an ESIPT Molecule 2-(2-Hydroxyphenyl)benzothiazole: A Highly Photoluminescent Liquid Crystal Dopant

Confinement fluorescence effect (CFE): Lighting up life by enhancing the absorbed photon energy utilization efficiency of fluorophores

Preparation of fluorescent bisamides: A new class of fingermarks developers

Aspects of high-performance and bio-acceptable magnetic nanoparticles for biomedical application

Synthesis, crystal structures and solid-state acidochromism of multiaryl-substituted pyridine derivatives with aggregation-induced emission property

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