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Near-infrared excited luminescence and in vitro imaging of HeLa cells by using Mn2+ enhanced Tb3+ and Yb3+ cooperative upconversion in NaYF4 nanocrystals

Strategic labelling approaches for RNA single-molecule spectroscopy

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Dual-color quantum dot structured illumination microscopy using single LED

Nonfluorescent Optical Probing of Single Molecules and Nanoparticles

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Identifying Heteroprotein Complexes in the Nuclear Envelope.

Identifying hetero-protein complexes in the nuclear envelope

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Super-Resolution Imaging of Competitive Unlabeled DNA Hybridization Reveals the Influence of Fluorescent Labels on Duplex Formation and Dissociation Kinetics.

Nanometer-scale colocalization microscopy of Streptococcus pneumoniae filaments

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Super-Resolution Imaging of Competitive Unlabeled DNA Hybridization Reveals the Influence of Fluorescent Labels on Duplex Formation and Dissociation Kinetics.

Ultra-sensitive label free imaging below the resolution limit (Conference Presentation)

Resolving the Fluorescence Quenching Mechanism of an Oxazine Dye Using Ultrabroadband Two-Dimensional Electronic Spectroscopy.

Semi-blind sparse affine spectral unmixing of autofluorescence-contaminated micrographs

An efficient protocol of cryo-correlative light and electron microscopy for the study of neuronal synapses

Water-soluble norsquaraine dyes for protein labeling and pH-sensing applications

Comparison of nonlinear microscopy and frozen section histology for imaging of Mohs surgical margins.

Surface-Modified Oxide Nanoparticles: Synthesis and Application

Silanized quantum dots as labels in lateral flow test strips for C-reactive protein

Single image deconvolution with super-resolution using the SUPPOSe algorithm

Separation of isomeric glycans by ion mobility spectrometry - the impact of fluorescent labelling.

Label-free, scalable and point-of-care imaging platform for rapid analysis of biomarker

Optimized immonochromatographic system for antigen determination based on monoclonal antibody conjugates with quantum dots

Nanoparticles With a Specific Size and Surface Charge Promote Disruption of the Secondary Structure and Amyloid-Like Fibrillation of Human Insulin Under Physiological Conditions

A Multicomponent Stapling Approach to Exocyclic Functionalized Helical Peptides: Adding Lipids, Sugars, PEGs, Labels, and Handles to the Lactam Bridge.

Targeted Nanobody-Based Molecular Tracers for Nuclear Imaging and Image-Guided Surgery

Low-concentration trypsin detection from a metal-enhanced fluorescence (MEF) platform: Towards the development of ultra-sensitive and rapid detection of proteolytic enzymes.

Novel Peptide Nucleic Acid Melting Array for the Detection and Genotyping of Toxoplasma gondii

Using fluorescence microscopy to shed light on the mechanisms of antimicrobial peptides.

Label-free spectroscopic tissue characterization using fluorescence excitation-scanning spectral imaging.

Metabolic engineering of Escherichia coli for efficient biosynthesis of fluorescent phycobiliprotein

P859 Genotyping gyrA and penA from remnant neisseria gonorrhoeae positive cepheid xpert® clinical specimens

Localization of Hippo Signaling Components in Drosophila by Fluorescence and Immunofluorescence.

Use of carbon quantum dots and fluorescein isothiocyanate in developing an improved competitive fluoroimmunoassay for detecting polybrominated diphenyl ether

Malaria-Infected Red Blood Cell Analysis through Optical and Biochemical Parameters Using the Transport of Intensity Equation and the Microscope’s Optical Properties

Fast and simple assessment of surface contamination in operations involving nanomaterials.

Graphene oxide and enzyme-assisted dual-cycling amplification method for sensitive fluorometric determination of DNA

A Single-Turnover Kinetic Study of DNA Demethylation Catalyzed by Fe(II)/α-Ketoglutarate-Dependent Dioxygenase AlkB

Revealing architectural order with quantitative label-free imaging and deep learning

Current Trends in Technology and Materials of Sensors Based on Surface Plasmon Resonance

Using fluorescence lifetime dequenching to estimate the average quinary stoichiometry of proteins in living cells.

Observations on Protecting Groups in the Synthesis of Mono- and Triphosphates of Amino Alcohols

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Fluorescent Labels 荧光标签

Fluorescent Labels 荧光标签
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