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Fluorescent Chemosensor sentence examples within solid phase peptide

A novel fluorescent chemosensor for detection of mercury(II) ions based on dansyl-peptide and its application in real water samples and living LNcap cells.

A novel fluorescence “on-off-on” peptide-based chemosensor for simultaneous detection of Cu2+, Ag+ and S2−

Fluorescent Chemosensor sentence examples within aggregation induced emission

An aggregation-induced emission (AIE) fluorescent chemosensor for the detection of Al(III) in aqueous solution

Aggregation-Induced Emission-Based Sensing Platform for Selective Detection of Zn2+ : Experimental and Theoretical Investigations.

Fluorescent Chemosensor sentence examples within Selective Fluorescent Chemosensor

A simple and rapid fluorescent approach for Pb2+ determination and application in water samples and living cells.

A highly butyrylcholinesterase selective red-emissive mitochondria-targeted fluorescent indicator imaging in liver tissue of mice

Fluorescent Chemosensor sentence examples within Novel Fluorescent Chemosensor

Novel rhodamine based chemosensor for detection of Hg2+: Nanomolar detection, real water sample analysis, and intracellular cell imaging

BODIPY-Based Hydroxypyridyl Derivative as a Highly Ni2+-Selective Fluorescent Chemosensor

Fluorescent Chemosensor sentence examples within Ratiometric Fluorescent Chemosensor

FRET based ratiometric switch for selective sensing of Al3+ with bio-imaging in human peripheral blood mononuclear cells

Ratiometric Detection of Mercury (II) Ions in Living Cells Using Fluorescent Probe Based on Bis(styryl) Dye and Azadithia-15-Crown-5 Ether Receptor

Fluorescent Chemosensor sentence examples within New Fluorescent Chemosensor

A new fluorescent chemosensor for Al(III) detection with highly selective in aqueous solution and solid test paper

Highly selective and sensitive benzo-imidazo-pyrrolo[3,4-c] pyridines based chemosensor for iron, DFT calculation and its biological application

Fluorescent Chemosensor sentence examples within Sensitive Fluorescent Chemosensor

A coumarin based highly sensitive fluorescent chemosensor for selective detection of zinc ion.

Tris(8-Hydroxyquinoline)iron induces apoptotic cell death via oxidative stress and by activating death receptor signaling pathway in human head and neck carcinoma cells.

Fluorescent Chemosensor sentence examples within Base Fluorescent Chemosensor

An AIRE-active far-red ratiometric fluorescent chemosensor for specifically sensing Zn2+ and resultant Zn2+ complex for subsequent pyrophosphate detection in almost pure aqueous media.

A novel aluminum-sensitive fluorescent chemosensor based on 4-aminoantipyrine: An experimental and theoretical study.

Fluorescent Chemosensor sentence examples within Two Fluorescent Chemosensor

Dual-binding pyridine and rhodamine B conjugate derivatives as fluorescent chemosensors for ferric ions in aqueous media and living cells.

Highly sensitive and selective fluorescence chemosensors containing phenanthroline moieties for detection of Zn2+ and Cd2+ ions

Fluorescent Chemosensor sentence examples within Molecule Fluorescent Chemosensor

Small molecule based fluorescent chemosensors for imaging the microenvironment within specific cellular regions.

Coumarin-Based Small-Molecule Fluorescent Chemosensors.

Fluorescent Chemosensor sentence examples within Effective Fluorescent Chemosensor

A reusable test paper based on a simple salicylaldehyde derivate for the real-time detection of phosgene in gas phase.

Evaluation of metal ion sensing behaviour of fluorescent probe along with its precursors: PET-CHEF mechanism, molecular logic gate behaviour and DFT studies

Fluorescent Chemosensor sentence examples within Derived Fluorescent Chemosensor

Recent approaches of 2HN derived fluorophores on recognition of Al3+ ions: A review for future outlook

A photo-induced electron transfer based reversible fluorescent chemosensor for specific detection of mercury (II) ions and its applications in logic gate, keypad lock and real samples

Fluorescent Chemosensor sentence examples within Type Fluorescent Chemosensor

Acridino-Diaza-20-Crown-6 Ethers: New Macrocyclic Hosts for Optochemical Metal Ion Sensing

A porphyrin platform for ratiometric fluorescence monitoring of Zn2+ ion

Fluorescent Chemosensor sentence examples within fluorescent chemosensor property

ESIPT-Inspired Fluorescent Turn-On Sensitivity Towards Aluminium (III) Detection by Derivatives of O- and S-Bridged Bis-(Phenol-Imine) Molecules

Synthesis of new anthracene-substituted calix[4]triazacrown-5 as highly sensitive fluorescent chemosensor and extractant against hazardous dichromate anion.

Fluorescent Chemosensor sentence examples within fluorescent chemosensor l

A simple, highly selective and ultra-sensitive “off-on-off” fluorescent chemosensor for successive detection of aluminum ion and phosphate in water samples

A novel fluorescence “on-off-on” peptide-based chemosensor for simultaneous detection of Cu2+, Ag+ and S2−

Fluorescent Chemosensor sentence examples within fluorescent chemosensor exhibit

Ultrasensitive Optical Chemosensor for Cu(II) Detection

Design and synthesis of a novel fluorescent-colorimetric chemosensor for selective detection of Zn(II) and Cu(II) ions with applications in live cell imaging and molecular logic gate

Fluorescent Chemosensor sentence examples within fluorescent chemosensor 2

Rhodamine scaffolds as real time chemosensors for selective detection of bisulfite in aqueous medium.

Naked-eye chromogenic and fluorogenic chemosensor for mercury (II) ion based on substituted distyryl BODIPY complex

Fluorescent Chemosensor sentence examples within fluorescent chemosensor n

Highly selective fluorescent chemosensor for the relay detection of Al3+ and picric acid

A New Fluorescent Chemosensor for Cobalt(II) Ions in Living Cells Based on 1,8-Naphthalimide

Design Principles, Sensing Mechanisms, and Applications of Highly Specific Fluorescent Probes for HOCl/OCl.

A naphthylamide based fluorescent probe for detection of Al3+, Fe3+, and CN- with high sensitivity and selectivity.

A novel coumarin-based fluorescence chemosensor for Al3+ and its application in cell imaging.

Revealing Protein Aggregates Under Thapsigargin-Induced ER Stress Using an ER-Targeted Thioflavin.

An azine-based carbothioamide chemosensor for selective and sensitive turn-on-off sequential detection of Zn(II) and H2PO4-, live cell imaging and INHIBIT logic gate.

New Molecular Chemosensors Based on Niobium(V) 5,10,15,20-(Tetra-4-tert-butylphenyl)porphine for Detection of VOCs

A Highly Selective Turn-on and Reversible Fluorescent Chemosensor for Al3+ Detection Based on Novel Salicylidene Schiff Base-Terminated PEG in Pure Aqueous Solution

A quinoline-based selective ‘turn on’ chemosensor for zinc(II) via quad-core complex, and its application in live cell imaging

Triazole-based novel bis Schiff base colorimetric and fluorescent turn-on dual chemosensor for Cu2+ and Pb2+: application to living cell imaging and molecular logic gates

Pillararene-based fluorescent sensors for the tracking of organic compounds

A Novel Fluorescent Chemosensor for cu (II) Ion: Click Synthesis of Dual-Bodipy Including the Triazole Groups and Bioimaging of Yeast Cells

Water-soluble Cu2+-fluorescent sensor based on core-substituted naphthalene diimide and its application in drinking water analysis and live cell imaging

Pyrene based Chemosensor for Picric acid - Fundamentals to Smartphone device design.

Pyridyl DPP based soluble nanoaggregates for ratiometric/fluorescent detection of Cu2+/Hg2+ in water

Pyridine-hydrazone-controlled cyanide detection in aqueous media and solid-state: tuning the excited-state intramolecular proton transfer (ESIPT) fluorescence modulated by intramolecular NHBr hydrogen bonding.

Fe3+-Sensitive Carbon Dots for Detection of Fe3+ in Aqueous Solution and Intracellular Imaging of Fe3+ Inside Fungal Cells

Stimuli-responsive supramolecular nano-systems based on pillar[n]arenes and their related applications.

Novel multi-responsive fluorescence switch for Hg2+ and UV/vis lights based on diarylethene-rhodamine derivative

Novel cyanide supramolecular fluorescent chemosensor constructed from a quinoline hydrazone functionalized-pillar[5]arene.

A biacylhydrazone-based chemosensor for fluorescence ‘turn-on’ detection of Al3+ with high selectivity and sensitivity

CHAPTER 9:Fused (Hetero)Cyclic Polymers Synthesized by Alkyne-Based Polymerizations

Highly selective detection of copper(II) by a “ligand-free” conjugated copolymer in nucleophilic solvents

A Novel Switch on Optical Probe for Selective Sensing of Zn (II) Ion in Acetonitrile Medium: Spectroscopic and Computational Studies

A highly sensitive and selective fluorescent probe for Fe3+ containing two rhodamine B and thiocarbonyl moieties and its application to live cell imaging

A Novel Morpholine-Based Rhodamine Fluorescent Chemosensor for the Rapid Detection of Hg2+ Ions.

Turn on fluorescent detection for Cd2+ based on surfactant controlled squaraine aggregation.

An example of enhanced emission of a pyridine containing schiff base zinc2+ complex

High Performance Fluorescent Turn-On Probe for Amitriptyline Based on Hybrid Nanoassembly of Organic–Inorganic Nanoparticles

A chitosan-based fluorescent hydrogel for selective detection of Fe2+ ions in gel-to-sol mode and turn-off fluorescence mode

A nanomolar detection of mercury(II) ion by a chemodosimetric rhodamine-based sensor in an aqueous medium: Potential applications in real water samples and as paper strips.

A Single Fluorescent Chemosensor for Simultaneous Discriminative Detection of Gaseous Phosgene and a Nerve Agent Mimic.

A water-soluble peptide fluorescent chemosensor for detection of cadmium (II) and copper (II) by two different response modes and its application in living LNcap cells.

Squaraine-hydrazine adducts for fast and colorimetric detection of aldehydes in aqueous media

A benzimidazole-based non-symmetrical tripodal receptor for the ratiometric fluorescence sensing of fluoride ions and solid state recognition of sulfate ions

Two 8-hydroxyquinoline-based fluorescent chemosensors for ultra-fast and sensitive detection of water content in strong polar organic solvents with large Stokes shifts.

Recognition of silver cations by multifarene[2,2] chemosensors with unexpected fluorescence response.

Rapid, sensitive and selective detection of arginine using a simple azo-based colorimetric and fluorescent chemosensor

Tetrasubstituted cyclopentenone-based fluorescent chemosensors for the selective detection of Fe3+ and Cu2+ ions.

Selectively instant-response nanofibers with a fluorescent chemosensor toward phosgene in gas phase

A simple turn-on fluorescent chemosensor for CO2 based on aggregation-induced emission: Application as a CO2 absorbent screening method

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