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Fluid Saturated Porous sentence examples within square cavity filled

Natural convection in a porous square cavity filled with a nanofluid: A numerical study using spline functions

Fluid Saturated Porous sentence examples within fluid saturated porous medium

Dynamic Analysis of the Poroviscoelastic Halfspace with a Cavity Under Vertical Load Using BEM

Impact of Lorentz force on free convection flow of a viscous fluid past an infinite vertical plate

Fluid Saturated Porous sentence examples within fluid saturated porous layer

Stability of the Horizontal Throughflow in a Power-Law Fluid Saturated Porous Layer

Heated and Salted Below Porous Convection with Generalized Temperature and Solute Boundary Conditions

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Fluid Saturated Porous sentence examples within fluid saturated porous enclosure

Numerical study on effect of corrugated diathermal partition on natural convection in a square porous cavity

Natural convection in a fluid-saturated porous enclosure with a pair of vertical diathermal partition

Effects of mathematical transforms on theoretical analysis and computational simulation of chemical dissolution-front instability within fluid-saturated porous media

Direct Collocation with Reproducing Kernel Approximation for Two-Phase Coupling System in a Porous Enclosure

Mixed Convection Fluid Flow Over a Vertical Cone Saturated Porous Media with Double Dispersion and Injection/Suction Effects

Impact of Irregularity, Initial Stress, Porosity, and Corrugation on the Propagation of SH Wave

ANN-aided incremental multiscale-remodelling-based finite strain poroelasticity

Model order reduction for deformable porous materials in thin domains via asymptotic analysis

Effect of Dusty Particles on Darcy-Brinkman Gravity-Driven Ferro-Thermal-Convection in a Ferrofluid Saturated Porous Layer with Internal Heat Source: Influence of Boundaries

Elastic properties of confined fluids from molecular modeling to ultrasonic experiments on porous solids

The onset of magnetic nanofluid convection because of selective absorption of radiation

Reflection and transmission phenomena of SH waves in fluid saturated porous medium with corrugated interface

On the Poroelastic Biot Coefficient for a Granitic Rock

Single component Darcy-Benard surface tension driven convection of couple stress fluid in a composite layer

Diffuse interface approach to modeling wavefields in a saturated porous medium

Effect of stresses on wave propagation in fluid-saturated porous media

Bioconvection in a Convectional Nanofluid Flow Containing Gyrotactic Microorganisms over an Isothermal Vertical Cone Embedded in a Porous Surface with Chemical Reactive Species

Waves Propagation at an Interface of Two Liquid Saturated Porous Solid Half Spaces

Thermal optimization of the pin-fin heat sink with variable fin density cooled by natural convection

Compact modeling of the pin-fin heat sink with variable fin density cooled by natural convection

Magnetohydrodynamic mixed bioconvection of oxytactic microorganisms in a nanofluid-saturated porous cavity heated with a bell-shaped curved bottom

Dispersion of Elastic Waves Propagating in a Fluid-Saturated Porous Medium with Cavities

Nanofluid MHD combined convection in a porous chamber with various thermal sources

Wave propagation in one-dimensional fluid-saturated porous phononic crystals with partial-open pore interfaces

On the seismic response of a periodic sequence of three thin layers saturated by two-phase fluids

Dual solution for double-diffusive mixed convection opposing flow through a vertical cylinder saturated in a Darcy porous media containing gyrotactic microorganisms

Analytical and Numerical Study on Thermally Developing Forced Convective Flow in a Channel Filled with a Highly Porous Medium Under Local Thermal Non-Equilibrium

Unified approach on numerical implementation of heatfunction boundary conditions for accurate prediction of heatlines involving steady convection in enclosures

High-Rayleigh-number convection in porous–fluid layers

Modeling and Vibration Analysis of a Porous Rotational Shell Based on Biot Theory

Numerical Modeling of Nonlinear Response of Seafloor Porous Saturated Soil Deposits to SH-Wave Propagation

Squirt flow in porous media saturated by Maxwell-type non-Newtonian fluids.

Influence of interface condition on reflection of elastic waves in fluid-saturated porous media

Towards the ultimate regime in Rayleigh–Darcy convection

Confirmation and Perfection of Carcione–Leclaire Three-Phase Theory

Numerical Investigation of Thermally Developing Non-Darcy Forced Convection in a Porous Circular Duct with Asymmetric Entrance Temperature Under LTNE Condition

Role of fluid phase in compression of nonlinear elastic fluid-saturated porous medium

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Fluid Saturated Porous 流体饱和多孔

Fluid Saturated Porous 流体饱和多孔
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