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Internal, primary and combination resonances of a wind turbine blade with coupled flapwise and edgewise motions

Land-based wind turbines with flexible rail transportable blades – Part I: Conceptual design and aeroservoelastic performance

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Nonlinear Aeroelastic Simulations and Stability Analysis of the Pazy Wing Aeroelastic Benchmark

Aeroelastic wind tunnel model for tail buffeting analysis using rapid prototyping technologies

Research on multiple bubbles in China’s multi-level stock market

Information-Providing Flexible and Transparent Smart Window Display.

Network Calculus-Based Latency for Time-Triggered Traffic under Flexible Window-Overlapping Scheduling (FWOS) in a Time-Sensitive Network (TSN)

Surface morphology and protective effect of Hericium erinaceus polysaccharide on cyclophosphamide-induced immunosuppression in mice.

Improving Latency Analysis for Flexible Window-Based GCL Scheduling in TSN Networks by Integration of Consecutive Nodes Offsets

Vacuum formed temporary spherically and toroidally bent crystal analyzers for x-ray absorption and x-ray emission spectroscopy.

Behaviors classification based distance measuring system for pedestrians via a foot‐mounted inertial sensor

An adaptive algorithm for frequent pattern mining over data streams using diffset strategy

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Flexible Wind 灵活的风

Flexible Wind 灵活的风
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