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Flexible Substrates sentence examples within low temperature processing

Emergent materials and concepts for solar cell applications

Fe and Ti metal-organic frameworks: Towards tailored materials for photovoltaic applications

Flexible Substrates sentence examples within laser micro nano

Application of Laser Micro-Nano-Fabrication in Sensing Field

Flexible Substrates sentence examples within Variou Flexible Substrates

Laser digital patterning of finely-structured flexible copper electrodes using copper oxide nanoparticle ink produced by a scalable synthesis method

Photo-thermal converting polyaniline/ionic liquid inks for screen printing highly-sensitive flexible uncontacted thermal sensors

Flexible Substrates sentence examples within Onto Flexible Substrates

A low-cost printed humidity sensor on cellulose substrate by EHD printing

Tunable Coupling of Photonic Molecules on Flexible Elastomer Substrates

Flexible Substrates sentence examples within Different Flexible Substrates

Materials, Electrical Performance, Mechanisms, Applications, and Manufacturing Approaches for Flexible Strain Sensors

Preparation and Thermal Storage Performance of Paraffin Phase Change Microcapsule Ink

Flexible Substrates sentence examples within Thin Flexible Substrates

Eco-design for dye solar cells: From hazardous waste to profitable recovery

SAC305 Solder Reflow: Identification of Melting and Solidification Using In-Process Resistance Monitoring

Flexible Substrates sentence examples within Fabricate Flexible Substrates

Ceramic packaging in neural implants.

Fully organic, flexible, and biodegradable components for bioinspired electronics

Flexible Substrates sentence examples within Area Flexible Substrates

Direct roll transfer printed silicon nanoribbon arrays based high-performance flexible electronics

Integration of GaN light-emitting diodes with a-Si:H thin-film transistors for flexible displays.

Flexible Substrates sentence examples within flexible substrates vium

Attachable piezoelectric nanogenerators using collision-induced strain of vertically grown hollow MoS2 nanoflakes.

Multifunctional superhydrophobic surfaces with carbon nanotubes by direct patterning of conducting pastes

Flexible Substrates sentence examples within flexible substrates toward

An Intelligent Graphene-Based Biosensing Device for Cytokine Storm Syndrome Biomarkers Detection in Human Biofluids.

GeSn on Insulators (GeSnOI) Toward Mid-infrared Integrated Photonics

Flexible Substrates sentence examples within flexible substrates offer

Wafer-scale transfer route for top–down III-nitride nanowire LED arrays based on the femtosecond laser lift-off technique

Ultrathin, lightweight and flexible organic light-emitting devices with a high light outcoupling efficiency

Flexible Substrates sentence examples within flexible substrates could

Enhancing the Activity of Silver Nanowire Membranes by Electrochemical Cyclic Voltammetry as Highly Sensitive Flexible SERS Substrate for On-Site Analysis

Gold nanoparticle nanofibres as SERS substrate for detection of methylene blue and a chemical warfare simulant (methyl salicylate)

Colocalized, Bidirectional Optogenetic Modulations in Freely Behaving Animals with a Wireless Dual-Color Optoelectronic Probe

Nanocomposite Inks Based on Nickel–Silver Core–Shell and Silver Nanoparticles for Fabrication Conductive Coatings at Low-Temperature Sintering

Highly epitaxial YBa2Cu3O7−δ films grown on gradient La2−x Gd x Zr2O7-buffered NiW-RABiTS using all sol–gel process

Interface engineering of high performance all-inorganic perovskite solar cells via low-temperature processed TiO2 nanopillar arrays

Organic Light Emitting Diode for in vitro Antimicrobial Photodynamic Therapy of Candida Strains.

Stability of Polythiophene-Based Transistors upon Bending for Gas Sensing Applications

Direct laser-induced nanocarbon formation on flexible polymers: tailoring porous and fibrous morphologies

E-Skin: The Dawn of a New Era of On-Body Monitoring Systems

Wood-based flexible graphene thermistor with an ultra-high sensitivity enabled by ultraviolet femtosecond laser pulses

Decorating Metal Oxide Nanostructures with Noble Metal NP for Bio-Sensing Applications

Formulation and Characterization of Sinterless Barium Strontium Titanate (BST) Dielectric Nanoparticle Ink for Printed RF and Microwave Applications

Bending Analysis of Polymer-Based Flexible Antennas for Wearable, General IoT Applications: A Review

Conductive Printing of RFID Tag and Chip Contacting Methods for High Volume Additive Production

Development, Characterization and Sensing Properties of Graphene Films Deposited From Platelets Mixed With Dodecyl Benzene Sulfonic Acid

Integrated Full-Range Droplet Actuation for Inkjet-Printed Digital Microfluidic Chip on Flexible Substrates.

A Ferrofluid-Based Tuning Strategy for Flexible Accelerometers

Asymmetric, Flexible Supercapacitor Based on Fe-Co Alloy@Sulfide with High Energy and Power Density.

Facile Preparation of PANI-Sr Composite Flexible Thin Film for Ammonia Sensing at Very Low Concentration

Multiresponsive Nonvolatile Memories Based on Optically Switchable Ferroelectric Organic Field-Effect Transistors.

Amorphous thin-film oxide power devices operating beyond bulk single-crystal silicon limit

Flexible Light-to-Frequency Conversion Circuits Built with Si-Based Frequency-to-Digital Converters via Complementary Photosensitive Ring Oscillators with p-Type SWNT and n-Type a-IGZO Thin Film Transistors.

Laser direct writing of waterproof sensors inside flexible substrates for wearable electronics

Biomaterials- and biostructures Inspired high-performance flexible stretchable strain sensors: A review

Super-lightweight Flexible Wireless Optogenetic Stimulation Device

All-Inorganic Flexible (K, Na)NbO3-Based Lead-Free Piezoelectric Thin Films Spin-Coated on Metallic Foils.

A guide to qualitative haze measurements demonstrated on inkjet-printed silver electrodes for flexible OLEDs

Perovskite indoor photovoltaics: opportunity and challenges

Silver Nanowire-Based Printable Electrothermochromic Ink for Flexible Touch-Display Applications.

Facile Post-deposition Annealing of Graphene Ink Enables Ultrasensitive Electrochemical Detection of Dopamine.

Fabrication of graphitic carbon nitride films by inkjet printing

“Quad-band flexible magnesium zinc ferrite (MgZnFe2O4)-based double negative metamaterial for microwave applications”

Investigation of the electron transport layer in semitransparent organic photovoltaic cells using near-infrared light-absorbing materials

Research on Measuring Thermal Conductivity of Quartz and Sapphire Glass Using Rear-Side Photothermal Deflection Method

A Facile Method to Prepare Multifunctional Cotton Fabrics based on Zeolitic Imidazolate Framework

Rational design and evaluation of UV curable nano-silver ink applied in highly conductive textile-based electrodes and flexible silver-zinc batteries

Progress of carbon-based electrocatalysts for flexible zinc-air batteries in the past 5 years: recent strategies for design, synthesis and performance optimization

A preliminary study of printed electronics through flexography impression on flexible substrates

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New approaches to the implementation of information and technical methods for the prevention of emergencies as a result of fire in conditions of damage to the power supply of emergency response systems

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Application of carbon nanotubes–based coating in the field of art conservation: the IMAT project and the development of new mild heat transfer technology

Spontaneously-buckled microstructure of copper nanowire conductors for a highly stretchable heater

Fabrication and testing of low-cost and flexible smart sensors based on conductive PEDOT-PSS nanocomposite films for the detection of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) at room temperature

Molybdenum Oxide Thin Films Grown on Flexible ITO-Coated PET Substrates

Additive Nanomanufacturing of Multifunctional Materials and Patterned Structures: A Novel Laser‐Based Dry Printing Process

Challenges of Coating Textiles With Graphene

High Performance Organic Phototransistor Doped With MXene

Performance of Copper Sulfide Hollow Rods in a Supercapacitor Based on Flexible Substrates

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Solution-processed photodetectors

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