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Acetyl-protected cytosine and guanine containing acrylics as supramolecular adhesives

Increased Flexibility in Polyimide Aerogels Using Aliphatic Spacers in the Polymer Backbone.

Linear symmetric liquid crystal trimers exhibiting supramolecular chiral architectures.

Decoding Liquid Crystal Oligomer Phase Transitions: Toward Molecularly Engineered Shape Changing Materials

Nanostructured assemblies of liquid-crystalline supermolecules: from display to medicine

Self-Assembled Liquid-Crystalline Ion Conductors: Odd-Even Effects of Flexible Spacers Binding a Carbonate Moiety and an Aliphatic Rod-Like Core on Phase Transition Properties and Ion Conductivities

Thermotropic Liquid-Crystalline and Light-Emitting Properties of Poly(pyridinium) Salts Containing Various Diamine Connectors and Hydrophilic Macrocounterions †

Effect of aliphatic diamine spacer length on enzymatic performance of myrosinase immobilized on chitosan microsphere and its application for sulforaphene production.

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Flexible Spacers 弹性垫片

Flexible Spacers 弹性垫片
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