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Snorkel: rapid training data creation with weak supervision

Enhancing fatigue properties of styrene butadiene rubber composites by improving interface adhesion between coated aramid fibers and matrix

Soft Three-Dimensional Robots with Hard Two-Dimensional Materials.

SC-RBAC: A Smart Contract based RBAC Model for DApps

Learning Feature Maps of the Koopman Operator: A Subspace Viewpoint

Catalytic Formation of Luminescent Complex Clusters Based on Autonomous Strand Exchange Reaction of DNA

Flexible hardware-in-the-loop testbed for cyber physical power system simulation

CRIS – service for input, storage and analysis of the biodiversity data of the cryptogams

Porous LiF layer fabricated by a facile chemical method toward dendrite-free lithium metal anode

Assessing drug target suitability using TargetMine.

InterMineR: an R package for InterMine databases

Anti-Freeze for Large and Complex Spreadsheets: Asynchronous Formula Computation

Amalgam: Hardware Hacking for Web Developers with Style (Sheets)

Scriptable character fx solution

Client-side Straggler-Aware I/O Scheduler for Object-based Parallel File Systems

Comparison of Model Predictive Control and PID Controller in Real Time Process Control System

Tenant-Oriented Monitoring for Customized Security Services in the Cloud

PDEparams: Parameter fitting toolbox for partial differential equations in Python.

A Methodology to Account for Crushing Effects During Out-of-Plane Collapse of Masonry

Assessing drug target suitability using TargetMine

AutoMine: harmonizing high-level abstraction and high performance for graph mining

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Flexible Interface 灵活的接口

Flexible Interface 灵活的接口
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