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Large Area Graphene and Their Use as Flexible Touchscreens

Highly flexible cover window using ultra-thin glass for foldable displays

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A Novel Structural Design Serving as a Stress Relief Layer for Flexible LTPS TFTs

Bending Properties of Fine Pitch Flexible CIF (Chip-in-Flex) Packages Using APL (Anchoring Polymer Later) ACFs (Anisotropic Conductive Films)

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Computational fluid dynamics modeling of spatial atomic layer deposition on microgroove substrates

Data-Driven Strategies for Accelerated Materials Design

Piezoelectric energy harvesting based on ZnO: A review

Transfer and Amplification of Iodine-Based Diacetylene Amphiphiles to Anisotropic Optical Properties by Uniaxial Orientation in Thin Films.

Recent Advances in Multi-Layer Light-Emitting Heterostructure Transistors.

Guiding synthetic targets of anodically coloring electrochromes through density functional theory.

Thermochromic Silks for Temperature Management and Dynamic Textile Displays

Biomimetic Solid-Liquid Transition Structural Dye-Doped Liquid Crystal/Phase-Change-Material Microcapsules Designed for Wearable Bistable Electrochromic Fabric.

Self-supporting, ultra-thin and highly transparent conducting nickel grids for extremely flexible and stretchable electrochromic devices.

Nano-sized rod array for semiconductor light sources

Preparation of cellulose-based electrospun fluorescent nanofibers doped with perylene encapsulated in silica nanoparticles for potential flexible electronics.

Editorial: High-Performance Organic Thin-Film Transistors

Organic semiconductors: commercialization and market

Proposal of Novel Temperature-Independent Zero-Zero-Birefringence Polymer with High Heat-Resistance

Molecular conformation-induced interfacial stress at the origin of the instability of organic transistors

Bending Setups for Reliability Investigation of Flexible Electronics

Spread characteristics of OCR lamination for flexible OLED display process with flat and curved substrates

Evaluation of the Stress-Strain of Single-Layer Graphene Sheet Including a Crack

Functionalization of Silk by AIEgens through Facile Bioconjugation: Full-Color Fluorescence and Long-Term Bioimaging.

Transparent, Water-Repellent, Antiviral, Antistatic, and Flexible Cu-Plasma-Polymerized Fluorocarbon Nanocomposite Thin Films.

Characterization and flexibility properties of UV LED cured acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesives for flexible displays

New strategies toward high-performance and low-temperature processing of solution-based metal oxide TFTs

Single-step metal-catalyzed synthesis of hybrid planar graphene–orbicular graphitic carbon structures using an amorphous carbon thin film as a precursor

Naphthalene diimides: perspectives and promise.

Metal Grid Technologies for Flexible Transparent Conductors in Large-Area Optoelectronics

Phosphor copper-based flexible high voltage supercapacitors fabricated via laser irradiation and three-dimensional packaging

Transparent and Flexible SiOC Films on Colorless Polyimide Substrate for Flexible Cover Window

Machine vision methodology for inkjet printing drop sequence generation and validation

Improved electro-mechanical reliability of flexible systems with alloyed Mo-Ta adhesion layers

Rapid cleanroom-free fabrication of thread based transistors using three-dimensional stencil-based patterning

Large-Scale Bio-Inspired Flexible Antireflective Film with Scale-Insensitivity Arrays.

Critical challenges and advances in the carbon nanotube–metal interface for next-generation electronics

Silver nanowire/PEDOT:PSS hybrid electrode for flexible organic light-emitting diodes

Low-pressure droplet-evaporation deposition forming transparent conductive films of graphene and poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) polystyrene sulfonate

Study on Chemical Action Mechanism of Ferric Chloride-Based Polishing Slurry in CMP of 304 Stainless Steel

Improving dimensional stability at high temperature and toughness of polyimide films via adjustable entanglement density

Configuration- and concentration-dependent hybrid white light generation using red, green, and blue quantum dots embedded in DNA thin films

Robust Triplatinum Redox-Chromophore for a Post-Synthetic Color-Tunable Electrochromic System.

Quantum localization and delocalization of charge carriers in organic semiconducting crystals

Highly Transparent Conductive Reduced Graphene Oxide/Silver Nanowires/Silver Grid Electrodes for Low-Voltage Electrochromic Smart Windows.

Blue and white solution-processed TADF-OLEDs with over 20% EQE, low driving voltages and moderate efficiency decrease based on interfacial exciplex hosts

Scientific Committee

Highly Stretchable, Transparent, and Conductive Wood Fabricated by in Situ Photopolymerization with Polymerizable Deep Eutectic Solvents.

Correlation of mechanical damage and electrical behavior of Al/Mo bilayers subjected to bending

Recent Developments in Flexible Organic Light‐Emitting Devices

Nanoimprint lithography for the manufacturing of flexible electronics

Organic–inorganic hybrid perovskite quantum dot light-emitting diodes using a graphene electrode and modified PEDOT:PSS

Designing Flexible Lithium-Ion Batteries by Structural Engineering

Fabrication of Ultrathin Sodium Intercalated Graphene Films for Optoelectronics Applications

A Wearable Transient Pressure Sensor Made with MXene Nanosheets for Sensitive Broad-Range Human-Machine Interfacing.

Designing crystallization in phase-change materials for universal memory and neuro-inspired computing

Bridging functional nanocomposites to robust macroscale devices

ALD Al-doped ZnO Thin Film as Semiconductor and Piezoelectric Material: Process Synthesis

Soft Sensors and Actuators for Designing New Human-Robot/Machine Interaction Interfaces

A ferroelectric polymer introduces addressability in electrophoretic display cells

Improving Performance of Tin-Doped-Zinc-Oxide Thin-Film Transistors by Optimizing Channel Structure

Inorganic Boron-Based Nanostructures: Synthesis, Optoelectronic Properties, and Prospective Applications

Process Design Kit and Design Automation for Flexible Hybrid Electronics

Enhanced, parallel liquid crystal alignment based on polystyrene substituted with phthalimidoyl groups

Optimization of Recovery and Relaxation of Acrylic Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives by Using UV Patterning for Flexible Displays

Tuning the heat resistance properties of polyimides by intermolecular interaction strengthening for flexible substrate application

Polyaniline nanopillars on surface cracked carbon fibers as an ultrahigh-performance cathode for a flexible rechargeable aqueous Zn-ion battery

Temperature-controlled spectral tuning of full-color carbon dots and their strongly fluorescent solid-state polymer composites for light-emitting diodes

Ab Initio Design of Graphene Block Enables Ultrasensitivity, Multimeter‐Like Range Switchable Pressure Sensor

Next-generation organic semiconductors driven by bent-shaped π-electron cores

Efficient combination of Roll-to-Roll compatible techniques towards the large area deposition of a polymer dielectric film and the solution-processing of an organic semiconductor for the field-effect transistors fabrication on plastic substrate

Fluorescent incandescent light sources from individual quadrilateral ZnO microwire via Ga-incorporation.

Implementation of Flexible Displays for Smart Textiles Using Processes of Printed Electronics

Improved resistance stability for tactile sensor fabrication and investigation of the dispensing parameters of a nanocomposite material

The Evolution Process from Silver Nanoflakes to Nanomeshes to Effectively Address the Dilemma in the Conductivity and Stretchability Trade-offs in Elastic Electrodes

Flexible organic light-emitting diodes with efficiency improvement by dielectric-metal-dielectric anode

Design of Highly Water Resistant, Impermeable, and Flexible Thin-Film Encapsulation Based on Inorganic/Organic Hybrid Layers.

Flexible free-standing films morphology characterization: PVA/silica polymer network dispersed cholesteric liquid crystals films by sol-gel method

Investigation of Organic LED Materials Using a Transparent Cathode for Improved Efficiency

AgNWs/AZO Composite Electrode for Transparent Inverted ZnCdSeS/ZnS Quantum Dot Light-Emitting Diodes.

Identification and Characterization of ‘Killer-Modes’ in Organic Semiconductors with Terahertz Spectroscopy

Adhesion Modeling and its Application on Multi-Layered Coatings for Flexible Display

Fine printing method of silver nanowires electrodes with alignment and accumulation.

Drop Impact Analysis of AMOLED Display with Buffer Designs by Using Dynamic Finite Element Simulation

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Flexible Displays 柔性显示器
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