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Environmental reliability and moisture barrier properties of silicon nitride and silicon oxide films using roll-to-roll plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition

Layer-by-layer assembled graphene coatings on polyurethane films as He permeation barrier

Investigations of the Rockfall Impacts on the Flexible Protective Barriers under Seismic Loading

Micro-mechanism and efficiency of baffle structure in deceleration of granular flows

The study of rockfall trajectory and kinetic energy distribution based on numerical simulations

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Skin Lipids in Health and Disease: A Review.

Poly(Vinyl Alcohol)-Hydrogel Microparticles with Soft Barrier Shell for the Encapsulation of Micrococcus luteus.

General equations for landslide-debris impact and their application to debris-flow flexible barrier

Quantifying the transition of impact mechanisms of geophysical flows against flexible barrier

Mathematical modelling and design of isolation diaphragms for pressure gauges

Masks in Medicine: Metaphors and Morality

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New Simple Method for Calculating Impact Force on Flexible Barrier Considering Partial Muddy Debris Flow Passing Through

Debris flow impact on flexible barrier: effects of debris-barrier stiffness and flow aspect ratio

Quantifying the impact of a debris avalanche against a flexible barrier by coupled DEM-FEM analyses

Smart Barrier Box for Monitoring and State Conditions Evaluation of Rockfall Barrier Systems

Stress analysis of ore particle flow behaviour under the influence of a flexible barrier

A new discrete element model for simulating a flexible ring net barrier under rockfall impact comparing with large-scale physical model test data

Quantitative analysis of debris-flow flexible barrier capacity from momentum and energy perspectives

Design of a new energy dissipating device and verification for use in rockfall protection barriers

Load model for designing flexible steel barriers for debris flow mitigation

Finite element analysis for rockfall and debris flow mitigation works1

Bio-inspired cellulose nanofiber-reinforced soy protein resin adhesives with dopamine-induced codeposition of “water-resistant” interphases

Numerical Simulation of Ore Particle Flow Behaviour through a Single Drawpoint under the Influence of a Flexible Barrier

Correlation between ore particle flow pattern and velocity field through multiple drawpoints under the influence of a flexible barrier

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Flexible Barrier 柔性屏障

Flexible Barrier 柔性屏障
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