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Localization model description of the interfacial dynamics of crystalline Cu and [Formula: see text] metallic glass nanoparticles.

Using Liquid Crystals for In Situ Optical Mapping of Interfacial Mobility and Surfactant Concentrations at Flowing Aqueous-Oil Interfaces.

Simulation of the θ′ Precipitation Process with Interfacial Anisotropy Effects in Al-Cu Alloys

Bell’s palsy following COVID-19 vaccination

Design and applications of surfaces that control the accretion of matter

Expanded Protocol of Orofacial Myofunctional Evaluation with Scores for Nursing Infants (6-24 months) (OMES-E Infants).

Superionic UO2: A model anharmonic crystalline material.

Juvenile Facial Growth and Mimicry: A Preliminary 3D Study

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On the effect of the approach velocity on the coalescence of fluid particles

A sad thumbs up: incongruent gestures and disrupted sensorimotor activity both slow processing of facial expressions

Kinetic theory of nucleation in multicomponent systems : An application of the thermodynamic extremum principle

Mobile-surface bubbles and droplets coalesce faster but bounce stronger

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Facial Mobility 面部活动

Facial Mobility 面部活动
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