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Normal stress distribution in infinite elastic matrix with a locally curved triple-walled carbon nanotube

On internal stability loss of a row unidirected periodically located fibers in the visco-elastic matrix

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Flowing with the temporal renormalization group

A Temporal Functional Renormalisation Group Approach to Non-Perturbative Quantum Dynamics

Fuzzy Random Variable Generation Using $\alpha$-Cuts

Extended phase-space symplectic-like integrators for coherent post-Newtonian Euler-Lagrange equations

Extremely correlated superconductors

Exact equations to design a stigmatic singlet that meets the Herschel’s condition

Dynamical stability in the vicinity of Saturnian small moons: the cases of Aegaeon, Methone, Anthe, and Pallene

Exact equations for stigmatic singlet design meeting the Abbe sine condition

Analytical solutions for dense, inclined, granular flow over a rigid, bumpy base

Optical properties upon ZnS film thickness in ZnS/ITO/glass multilayer films by ellipsometric and spectrophotometric investigations for solar cell and optoelectronic applications

Connecting large-scale velocity and temperature bursts with small-scale intermittency in stratified turbulence

Fuzzy random variable generation using α-cuts

Waves over Curved Bottom: The Method of Composite Conformal Mapping

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New handling of thermoluminescence glow curve deconvolution expressions for different kinetic orders based on OTOR model

On attenuation of the seismic Rayleigh waves propagating in an elastic crustal layer over viscoelastic mantle

Exact solution of the 1D Dirac equation for the inverse-square-root potential 1 / x $1/\sqrt{x}$

Self-consistent theory of spatial distribution of an assembly of charged drops in an electrodynamic balance

Non-parametric estimation of the structural stability of non-equilibrium community dynamics

The unsupervised optimum linear finite length filter for fourth order wide sense stationary single output systems

On the numerical solution of the exact factorization equations.

Failure of the Weakly Guiding Approximation for Few-Mode Fiber Index Profiles

Efficient gravitational lens optical scalars calculation of black holes with angular momentum

Primordial migration of co-orbital satellites as a mechanism for the horseshoe orbit of Janus-Epimetheus

Parallel pumping of spin waves in a ferromagnet revisited

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Exact Equations 精确方程

Exact Equations 精确方程
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