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Comparative Transcriptomics Reveals Distinct Patterns of Gene Expression Conservation through Vertebrate Embryogenesis

Novel Yersinia enterocolitica Prophages and a Comparative Analysis of Genomic Diversity

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Peering into the Abyss with Evolutionary Telescopes: How protein structure-telescopes can look further back in time (and why sequence-telescopes cannot)

Do Parents Synchronise Nest Visits as an Antipredator Adaptation in Birds of New Zealand and Tasmania?

Get a Grip: Variation in Human Hand Grip Strength and Implications for Human Evolution

Energetics as a driver of human morphological thermal adaptation; evidence from female ultra-endurance athletes

Animal Cognition in an Urbanised World

Insights into human history from the first decade of ancient human genomics

Genomic evolution of the class Acidithiobacillia: deep-branching Proteobacteria living in extreme acidic conditions

Singing “Past, Present and Future”: Music in Early American Commemoration

The dynamics of secularization as a process of mutual learning of philosophy and religion

Exploring the Cause of Diarrhoea and Poor Growth in 8–11-Week-Old Pigs from an Australian Pig Herd Using Metagenomic Sequencing

Belongingness and the modern schoolchild: on loneliness, socioemotional health, self-esteem, evolutionary mismatch, online sociality, and the numbness of rejection

Vandalism as Symbolic Reparation

The Historiography of the Greek Revolution of 1821: From Memoirs to National Scholarly History, 1821–1922

Genetic diversity of the blue land crab Cardisoma guanhumi (Latreille 1825) in the Alvarado Lagoon System in Veracruz, gulf coast of Mexico

How the Moral Community Evolves

Theories of Personality: a literature review

Unrealistic Optimism and Risk for COVID-19 Disease

Genomic Resources to Guide Improvement of the Shea Tree

Experimental evolution supports signatures of sexual selection in genomic divergence

Magnetostratigraphy from the Hominin Sites Paleolakes Drilling Project (HSPDP) drill cores, low latitudes reorientation

Prevalence and factors related to psychological distress among ethnic minority adults in a semi-modern village in rural Vietnam: an evolutionary mismatch framework

Carbohydrate-restricted Diet and High-intensity Interval Training Exercise Improve Cardio-metabolic and Inflammatory Profiles in Metabolic Syndrome: A Randomized Crossover Trial

How There Got to Be So Many of Us: The Evolutionary Story of Population Growth and a Life History of Cooperation

Tracing the Landscape: Re-Enchantment, Play, and Spirituality in Parkour

The long walk to African genomics

Dynamic turnover of centromeres drives karyotype evolution in Drosophila

The Goodness Paradox: How evolution made us more and less violent, by Richard Wrangham

Diplodia Tip Blight on Its Way to the North: Drivers of Disease Emergence in Northern Europe

The five-factor model of the moral foundations theory is stable across WEIRD and non-WEIRD cultures

Asymmetric dispersal is a critical element of concordance between biophysical dispersal models and spatial genetic structure in Great Barrier Reef corals

Cluster introduction: Aleksei Fedorchenko’s Angels of Revolution

Geographic separation and genetic differentiation of populations are not coupled with niche differentiation in threatened Kaiser’s spotted newt (Neurergus kaiseri)

Represión y resistencia en Cataluña

Dynamic turnover of centromeres drives karyotype evolution in Drosophila

Integrating Molecular Anthropology and Neuroimaging Genomics To Shed New Light On Human Brain Evolution

Limits to Fitness Benefits of Prolonged Post-reproductive Lifespan in Women

Integrated phylogenomic analyses reveal recurrent ancestral large-scale duplication events in mosses

Sociosexuality, testosterone, and life history status: Prospective associations and longitudinal changes among men in Cebu, Philippines

Germ cell cysts, a fetal feature in mammals, are constitutively present in the adult armadillo

Jerkies, tacos, and burgers: Subjective socioeconomic status and meat preference

Middle Miocene decapod crustacean assemblage from the Tuzla Basin (Tušanj, Bosnia and Herzegovina), with a description of two new species and comparison with coeval faunas from Slovenia

Evolution in a Fully Constituted World

Biome: evolution of a crucial ecological and biogeographical concept

An Evolutionary Perspective on Sedentary Behavior

Telling the Civil War in Nikolai Aseev’s Semën Proskakov

Old Woman and the Sea:

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Evolutionary Past 进化的过去
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