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Effect of Chewing Gum on Pain Following Orthodontic Elastomeric Separators Placement: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Effect of an Anesthetic Chewing Gum on the Initial Pain or Discomfort from Orthodontic Elastomeric Separator Placement.

Viability of Photobiomodulaton Therapy in Decreasing Orthodontic-Related Pain: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.

Efficacy of Photobiomodulation Therapy for Orthodontic Pain Control Following the Placement of Elastomeric Separators: A Randomized Clinical Trial.

Assessment of Separation Impact and Perception of Discomfort on Various Orthodontic Separators: A Comparative Clinical Study

Low-level laser therapy in the management of pain evoked by elastomeric separators: an integrative review

Separation and pain perception of Elastomeric, Kesling and Kansal separators

Distancia de separación interproximal de acuerdo al tiempo, empleando dos tipos de separadores elastoméricos

Pain in Separation of the Molars among the Orthodontic patients

The effect of orthodontic separator and short-term fixed orthodontic appliance on inflammatory mediators and somatosensory function.

Effect of photobiomodulation on pain perception secondary to separator placement

Evaluation of the use of photobiomodulation following the placement of elastomeric separators

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Elastomeric Separators 弹性分离器

Elastomeric Separators 弹性分离器
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