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Adsorption mechanism of alkyl hydroxamic acid onto bastnäsite: Fundamental steps toward rational collector design for rare earth elements.

Establishing Cation and Radical Donor Ability Scales of Electrophilic F, CF3, and SCF3 Transfer Reagents.

Possible Alternatives for Cost-Effective Neutralisation of Fluoroanhydrite Minimising Environmental Impact

Oxidative Aromatization of 3,4-Dihydroquinolin-2(1 H)-ones to Quinolin-2(1 H)-ones Using Transition-Metal-Activated Persulfate Salts.

Efficient Pictet-Spengler Bioconjugation with N-Substituted Pyrrolyl Alanine Derivatives.

Kinetics and mechanism of peroxysulfate/NaNO2 mediated nitration of phenols in aqueous bisulfate medium

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Efficient Reagents 高效试剂

Efficient Reagents 高效试剂
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