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Factors associated with drinking behaviour during COVID-19 social distancing and lockdown among adults in the UK

Circadian gene × environment perturbations influence alcohol drinking in Cryptochrome-deficient mice.

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Alcohol consumption pattern in western Nepal: findings from the COBIN baseline survey

Patterns of drinking alcohol and intentions to binge drink among medical students in Vietnam.

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Reward-Related Attentional Capture Moderates the Association between Fear-Driven Motives and Heavy Drinking

Life satisfaction in Norwegian medical doctors: a 15-year longitudinal study of work-related predictors

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Association between alcohol consumption, marijuana use and road traffic injuries among commercial motorcycle riders: A population-based, case-control study in Dares Salaam, Tanzania.

Six shades of grey: Identifying drinking culture and potentially risky drinking behaviour in the grey zone between work and leisure. The WIRUS culture study

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Peer influence in adolescent drinking behaviour: a protocol for systematic review and meta-analysis of stochastic actor-based modeling studies

Predicting hazardous drinking in late adolescence/young adulthood from early and excessive adolescent drinking - a longitudinal cross-national study of Norwegian and Australian adolescents

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Gambling with Your Health: Associations Between Gambling Problem Severity and Health Risk Behaviours, Health and Wellbeing

Associations between cervical, breast and colorectal cancer screening uptake, chronic diseases and health-related behaviours: Data from the Italian PASSI nationwide surveillance.

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Patterns and trends of alcohol consumption in rural and urban areas of China: findings from the China Kadoorie Biobank

Assessing the impact of computerised and written advice in changing the habit and behaviour of alcohol use in patients who have suffered alcohol-related facial injuries—a pilot study

Drinking Behaviour sentence examples within drinking behaviour among

The health of older Western Australians: the role of age, gender, geographic location, psychological distress, perceived health, tobacco and alcohol

Drinking motives and their associations with alcohol use among adolescents in Sweden

Drinking Behaviour sentence examples within drinking behaviour within

The Explanatory Roles of Habit and Intention on Alcohol Consumption by Adults at Home

The Explanatory Roles of Habit and Intention on Alcohol Consumption by Adults at Home

Postpartum heavy episodic drinking: A survey to inform development of a text messaging intervention.

Behavioural Response and Weight of Broiler Chickens Reared Under Different Artificial Light Sources

Impact of COVID-19 restrictions on alcohol consumption behaviours

Zero-alcohol beverages: Harm-minimisation tool or gateway drink?

African wild ass drinking behaviour on the Messir Plateau, Danakil Desert, Eritrea

Tackling health inequalities: avoid unconscious associations with guilt or disgust

Associations Between Self-reported Inhibitory Control, Stress, and Alcohol (Mis)use During the First Wave of the COVID-19 Pandemic in the UK: a National Cross-sectional Study Utilising Data From Four Birth Cohorts

Trends in alcohol intoxication among native and immigrant youth in Sweden, 1999-2017: A comparison across family structure and parental employment status.

Mapping of Intimate Partner Violence: Evidence From a National Population Survey.

The morning after the night before: Alcohol-induced blackouts impair next day recall in sober young adults

Alcohol-Related Behaviour in Freshmen University Students in Sardinia, Italy

Alcohol Consumption Patterns during COVID-19 Lockdown and Their Relationship with Perceived Immune Fitness and Reported COVID-19 Symptoms

The Health Behaviour of German Outpatient Caregivers in Relation to the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Mixed-Methods Study

Intraindividual association between shift work and risk of drinking problems: data from the Finnish Public Sector Cohort

Trends in the co-use of alcohol and tobacco among Japanese adolescents: periodical nationwide cross-sectional surveys 1996–2017

Role of toll-like receptor 4 antagonist Lipopolysaccharide-Rhodobacter sphaeroides on acute stress-induced voluntary ethanol preference and drinking behaviour: In vivo Swiss Albino mouse model

The longitudinal associations between trajectory of and quantity of alcohol consumption and subsequent changes in blood pressure levels among non-hypertensive adults

Moderators of changes in smoking, drinking and quitting behaviour associated with the first COVID-19 lockdown in England.

Information Technologies for Welfare Monitoring in Pigs and Their Relation to Welfare Quality®

Characterising patterns of alcohol use among heavy drinkers: A cluster analysis utilising alcohol biosensor data.

A Comparison of Rice Husks and Peanut Shells as Bedding Materials on Dairy Cows’ Preferences, Behaviour, and Health

Barriers and Facilitators of Alcohol Abstinence During Pregnancy - a Qualitative Study in Rural South Africa

A study identifying the origins of different types of drink driving events through the lens of deterrence: Is it alcohol abuse or avoiding detection?

To drink or not to drink: When drinking intentions predict alcohol consumption and consequences.

Alcohol Use during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Self-Reported Changes and Motives for Change

Association between alcohol consumption in midlife and cognitive function in old age: Findings from the China health and Nutrition Survey.

Alcohol behaviour and consequences during COVID-19. A research in Italy on a sample of university students.

Predictors of alcohol use during pregnancy in Australian women.

The impact of the Arts and Dementia Program on short-term well-being in older persons with dementia from Singapore.

Alcohol Labelling: Evidence for Product Information Interventions

How has COVID-19, lockdown and social distancing changed alcohol drinking patterns? A cross-cultural perspective between britons and spaniards

Hormonal regulation of thirst in the amphibious ray-finned fish suggests the requirement for terrestrialization during evolution

Underage drinking as a natural part of growing up: A UK study of parental beliefs

Natural History of Histologically-proven Alcohol Related Liver Disease: A systematic review.

Prediction of Tail Biting Events in Finisher Pigs from Automatically Recorded Sensor Data

Personality and disinhibitory psychopathology in alcohol consumption: A study from the biological-factorial personality models of Eysenck, Gray and Zuckerman

The Role of Sex and Age on Pre-drinking: An Exploratory International Comparison of 27 Countries.

Brain responses and approach bias to social alcohol cues and their association with drinking in a social setting in young adult males

Health promotion campaign from student approach - The lesson learned for the upcoming medical doctor; The effects of a campaign to reduce consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages in medical students

A thirst-quenching gut–brain signal

Attending to the Chemical Senses.

Lifestyle Behaviour of People with Type 2 Diabetes in a Tertiary Care Hospital of Delhi: An Observational Study

How should we talk about alcohol and risk?

Feed preference and feeding behaviours in grower broilers fed diets containing wheat naturally contaminated with fusarium mycotoxins

Predictors of aging out of heavy episodic drinking in emerging adults: a systematic review protocol

Ethyl Glucuronide as a Long-term Alcohol Biomarker in Fingernail and Hair. Matrix Comparison and Evaluation of Gender Bias.

Drinking abstinence during a 3-month abstinence campaign in Thailand: weighted analysis of a national representative survey

Sociodemographics, lifestyle factors and health status indicators associated with alcohol consumption and related behaviours: a Brazilian population-based analysis.

Characteristics and drinking behaviour of patients on antiretroviral therapy who drink and attend HIV clinics in Tshwane, South Africa: Implications for intervention.

Second-Year Nursing Students’ Self-Reported Alcohol and Substance Use and Academic Performance

Alcohol use among high school learners in rural areas of Limpopo province

Drop-out, relapse and abstinence in a cohort of alcoholic people under detoxification

Experimental and observational studies on alcohol use and dietary intake: a systematic review

Drinking behaviours and alcohol preferences of female and male students at a Polish university in 2000–2016

Mortality salience leads to greater consumption of an ostensibly alcoholic beverage on Friday versus other weekdays.

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