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Air warming and CO2 enrichment increase N use efficiency and decrease N surplus in a Chinese double rice cropping system.

Variable effects of 2°C air warming on yield formation under elevated [CO2] in a Chinese double rice cropping system

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Medium-term effects of different types of N fertilizer on yield, apparent N recovery, and soil chemical properties of a double rice cropping system

Remediation of Cd-contaminated acidic paddy fields with four-year consecutive liming.

Low greenhouse gases emissions associated with high nitrogen use efficiency under optimized fertilization regimes in double-rice cropping systems

Substituting chemical P fertilizer with organic manure: effects on double-rice yield, phosphorus use efficiency and balance in subtropical China

Effect of substituting nitrogen fertilizer with nitrogen-fixing cyanobacteria on yield in a double-rice cropping system in southern China

Pathways and mechanisms by which biochar application reduces nitrogen and phosphorus runoff losses from a rice agroecosystem.

Reducing nitrogen application with dense planting increases nitrogen use efficiency by maintaining root growth in a double-rice cropping system

A vital option for food security and greenhouse gases mitigation: planting elite super rice in double- to single-rice cropping fields in China

Higher economic benefits and changes in soil fertility due to intensifying winter crop rotation in double-rice cropping systems

Net global warming potential, greenhouse gas intensity and carbon footprint as affected by different tillage systems from Chinese double-cropping paddy fields

Contrasting effects of straw and straw-derived biochar applications on soil carbon accumulation and nitrogen use efficiency in double-rice cropping systems

Determination of aquaculture distribution by using remote sensing technology in Thanh Phu district, Ben Tre province, Vietnam

[Basic soil productivity in the double rice cropping system under long-term fertilization regimes in the Poyang Lake region, China].

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Double Rice Cropping 双季稻

Double Rice Cropping 双季稻
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