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Adjuvant intermittent theta burst stimulation over dorsomedial prefrontal cortex in treatment-resistant obsessive-compulsive disorder type: Letter to the editor

Characterization of stimulus response curves obtained with transcranial magnetic stimulation from bilateral anterior digastric muscles in healthy subjects

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The double cone geometry is stable to brane nucleation

Influence of Six Carbon-Based Nanomaterials on the Rheological Properties of Nanofluids

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Towards efficient elastic actuation in bio-inspired robotics using dielectric elastomer artificial muscles

A compliantly coupled dielectric elastomer actuator using magnetic repulsion

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Double Cone sentence examples within double cone configuration

Modeling of Dielectric Electroactive Polymer Actuators with Elliptical Shapes

Modes of unsteadiness in shock wave and separation region interaction in hypersonic flow over a double wedge geometry

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Study on delamination inhibition and chip breakage mechanism in drilling metal laminated materials with double cone drill

Study on ultrasonic-assisted drilling of Ti6Al4V using double cone drill in the finite element simulation

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Measurement Technique for Ideal Selection of Sensors and Accurate Force Recovery on Aerodynamic Models

On the structural energy distribution and cumulative damage in soil-embedded foundation-structure interaction systems

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Colorimetric detection of Cr6+ ions based on surface plasma resonance using the catalytic etching of gold nano-double cone @ silver nanorods.

The Color Compass: A Color Navigation System in a Dynamic Deliverable World

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Double Cones and the Diverse Connectivity of Photoreceptors and Bipolar Cells in an Avian Retina

On Uniqueness of ℙ-Twists

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Foveal shape, ultrastructure and photoreceptor composition in yellow-legged gull, Larus michahellis (Naumann, 1840)

Inertia-gravity-wave scattering by three-dimensional geostrophic turbulence

Influence of different transcranial magnetic stimulation current directions on the corticomotor control of lumbar erector spinae muscles during a static task.

Laplacian Fractional Revival on Graphs

Unsteadiness boundaries in supersonic flow over double cones

On the electrostatic potential for the two-hyperboloid and double-cone of a single sheet with elliptic cross-section

Wormholes and black hole microstates in AdS/CFT

The drilling of carbon fibre composite–aluminium stacks and its effect on hole quality and integrity

Use of particle methods for understanding hypersonic shock boundary layer interactions

Conical beam geometry intensity-modulated radiation therapy.

Orthogonal structure and orthogonal series in and on a double cone or a hyperboloid

Application of Organizational Agility to Enhance the Predictability of Costs and Increase the Probability of Creating Value

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Unusual A1/A2-visual pigment conversion during light/dark adaptation in marine fish.

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Shock capturing for discontinuous Galerkin methods with application to predicting heat transfer in hypersonic flows

Code verification and numerical error estimation for use in model validation of laminar, hypersonic double-cone flows

Subpulse drifting, nulling, and mode changing in PSR J2006 - 0807 with core emission

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Owls lack UV-sensitive cone opsin and red oil droplets, but see UV light at night: Retinal transcriptomes and ocular media transmittance

Vision in an abundant North American bird: The Red-winged Blackbird

Retinal development in mandarinfish Siniperca chuatsi and morphological analysis of the photoreceptor layer.

Her9/Hes4 is required for retinal photoreceptor development, maintenance, and survival

Nonlinear aspects of focusing internal waves

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