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Anterolateral ligament reconstruction in addition to primary double-bundle anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction for grade 3 pivot shift improves residual knee instability during surgery

Influence of selected plane on the evaluation of tibial tunnel locations using a three-dimensional bone model in double-bundle anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction.

Intraarticular lengths of double-bundle grafts can change during knee flexion: Intraoperative measurements in anatomic anterior cruciate ligament reconstructions.

Effect of Percentage of Femoral Anterior Cruciate Ligament Insertion Site Reconstructed With Hamstring Tendon on Knee Kinematics and Graft Force

Risk factors for postoperative graft laxity without re-injury after double-bundle anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction in recreational athletes.

Femoral tunnel widening after double-bundle ACL reconstruction with hamstring autograft produces a small shift of the tunnel position in the anterior and distal direction : CT based retrospective cohort analysis.

Hamstring Graft Prepared With Suture Tape Is Effective in Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction: A Biomechanical Analysis

Clinical outcome of a new remnant augmentation technique with anatomical double-bundle anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: Comparison among remnant preservation, resection, and absent groups

Femoral nerve versus adductor canal block for early postoperative pain control and knee function after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction with hamstring autografts: a prospective single-blind randomised controlled trial

Premature hamstring graft amputation during harvesting in ACL reconstruction

Editorial Commentary: Another Take on the Anterolateral Ligament: High-Grade Are Worse Than Low-Grade Injuries, But the Categorization Is Problematic.

Bone-patellar tendon–bone autograft maturation is superior to double-bundle hamstring tendon autograft maturation following anatomical anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction

A Systematic Review of Randomized Controlled Trials in Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction: Standard Techniques Are Comparable (299 Trials With 25,816 Patients)

Effects of Anterolateral Structure Augmentation on the In Vivo Kinematics of Anterior Cruciate Ligament–Reconstructed Knees

An Analysis of the Femoral Drilling Angle to Avoid Tunnel Collision during Double-Bundle Anterior Cruciate Ligament and Anterolateral Ligament Reconstruction on the Knee.

Comparing the Efficacy of Postoperative Pain Control Between Intravenous Parecoxib and Oral Diclofenac in ACL Reconstruction

[Effectiveness of double-bundle anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction combined with anterolateral ligament reconstruction for revision].

A Histological Comparison Between Anterior Cruciate Ligament Remnant Tissue, Anatomically Reconstructed Graft, and Non-Anatomically Reconstructed Graft

Laterally shifted tibial tunnel can be the risk of residual knee laxity for double-bundle anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction

Editorial Commentary: Tunnel Widening After Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction May Increase Laxity and Complicate Revision.

Histologic Evaluation of Tibial Attachment in 11-Year Double-Bundle ACL Reconstruction with Hamstring Tendons: A Case Report.

Influence of Graft Bending Angle on Femoral Tunnel Widening After Double-Bundle ACL Reconstruction: Comparison of Transportal and Outside-In Techniques

Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction using a double bundle hamstring autograft configuration in patients under 30 years

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Double Bundle Acl 双捆绑 Acl

Double Bundle Acl 双捆绑 Acl
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