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A multimodal staged approach for the resection of a Sylvian aqueduct rosette-forming glioneuronal tumor: A case report and literature review

Upper thoracic dumbbell-shaped tumor resected in one stage posterior approach: case report.

Társadalmi trauma szisztematikus helyéről. Elias Canetti pszichológia és politika között

ACTH-producing tumorlets and carcinoids of the lung: clinico-pathologic study of 63 cases and review of the literature

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Osteosarcoma “tipo osteoblastoma” de columna cervical. A propósito de un caso. [Osteoblastoma like osteosarcoma of the cervical spine]

Double Approach to Study VOC Composition in Biofluids of Young Men Living in the “Land of Fires” in Campania Region

Public finances and tobacco taxation with product variety: Theory and application to Senegal and Nigeria

Operation strategies guideline for packed bed thermal energy storage systems

Hybrid surgery in excision of a Shamblin II glomus tumor

Metavirome Sequencing to Evaluate Norovirus Diversity in Sewage and Related Bioaccumulated Oysters

Interreligious Events in the Public Space: Performing Togetherness in Times of Religious Pluralism

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Double Approach 双重方法

Double Approach 双重方法
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