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Chromatin Characterization in Xenopus laevis Cell-Free Egg Extracts and Embryos.

Ionic self-assembly of poly(ionic liquid)-polyoxometalate hybrids for selective adsorption of anionic dyes

Metal-Assisted Transfer Strategy for Construction of 2D and 3D Nanostructures on an Elastic Substrate.

Sn(TFSI)2 as a suitable salt for the electrodeposition of nanostructured Cu6Sn5–Sn composites obtained on a Cu electrode in an ionic liquid

Batch Assembly of SU-8 Movable Components in Channel Under Mild Conditions for Dynamic Microsystems:Application to Biohybrid Systems

Excellent detection of H2S gas at ppb concentrations using ZnFe2O4 nanofibers loaded with reduced graphene oxide

Self-assembled composite thin film counter electrode of cobalt sulfide/functionalized graphene for dye-sensitized solar cells

Expression of Human VH Single Domains as Fc Fusions in Mammalian Cells.

High density graphene–carbon nanosphere films for capacitive energy storage

Eu and Tb co-doped porous SiO2 aerogel composite and its luminescent properties

Recent advances on small-molecule nanomedicines for cancer treatment.

Cryopreserved cell-laden alginate microgel bioink for 3D bioprinting of living tissues.

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Directly Assembled 直接组装

Directly Assembled 直接组装
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