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Reliability and Safety of the Gasified Mine Air Heating Points

Development of Thermal Performance Metrics for Direct Gas-Fired Circulating Heaters

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Gold nanoparticles with tailored size through ligand modification for catalytic applications.

Formation Mechanisms for Phosphorene and SnIP

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Numerical Simulations of Cryogenic Hydrogen Cooling in Vortex Tubes with Smooth Transitions

Simulation and Modeling of Direct Gas Injection through Poppet-type Outwardly-opening Injectors in Internal Combustion Engines

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Acetic Acid Gas Adsorption Characteristics of Activated Carbon Fiber by Plasma and Direct Gas Fluorination

Control of the Sorption Properties and Wettability of a Nonwoven Polypropylene Material by Direct Gas Fluorination

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Milk Quality and Carbon Footprint Indicators of Dairy Sheep Farms Depend on Grazing Level and Identify the Different Management Systems

Valorization of agricultural wastes could improve soil fertility and mitigate soil direct N2O emissions.

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Studies on gas concentration reconstruction methods for simultaneous temperature and H2O concentration tomographic imaging in a flame based on tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy

Intestinal gases: influence on gut disorders and the role of dietary manipulations

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Estimation of C2H5-Benzenes in Refinery Streams.

Profiling Volatile Constituents of Homemade Preserved Foods Prepared in Early 1950s South Dakota (USA) Using Solid-Phase Microextraction (SPME) with Gas Chromatography–Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS) Determination

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Simulated Ventilation of two Patients with a Single Ventilator in a Pandemic Setting

The High-Rate Sealed MRPC to Promote Pollutant Exchange in Gas Gaps: Status on the Development and Observations

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Environmental and energy performance of residual forest biomass for electricity generation: Gasification vs. combustion

Metal-Organic Frameworks for Therapeutic Gas Delivery.

Precisely Engineered Supported Gold Clusters as a Stable Catalyst for Propylene Epoxidation

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Utilization of the UAE date palm leaf biochar in carbon dioxide capture and sequestration processes.

Submonolayer Is Enough: Switching Reaction Channels on Pt/SiO2 by Atomic Layer Deposition

Environmental impact assessment of organic fraction of municipal solid waste treatment by anaerobic digestion in Sri Lanka.

Consumption of gasoline in vehicles equipped with an LPG retrofit system in real driving conditions

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Tar formation during eucalyptus gasification in a bubbling fluidized bed reactor: Effect of feedstock and reactor bed composition

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Advances in the HCl gas-phase electrolysis employing an oxygen-depolarized cathode

Primary prophylaxis of gastric variceal bleeding: the choices need to be tested!!

Fate of lead, copper, zinc and antimony during chemical looping gasification of automotive shredder residue

Isolating α-Pinene Ozonolysis Pathways Reveals New Insights into Peroxy Radical Chemistry and Secondary Organic Aerosol Formation.

Gas-Phase Fluorination of Hexagonal Boron Nitride.

Life Cycle Assessment of Bio-methanol Derived from Various Raw-materials

Parametric Study on the Adjustability of the Syngas Composition by Sorption-Enhanced Gasification in a Dual-Fluidized Bed Pilot Plant

Selection of the best plasma reactor for the diamond chemical vapor deposition operation of waste materials using multi-criteria decision-making models

Connecting gasification with syngas fermentation: Comparison of the performance of lignin and beech wood

Study on the enhancement of hydrogen generation via biomass gasification in fluidizedbed reactors

Direct amination of 1-octanol with NH3 over Ag-Co/Al2O3: Promoting effect of the H2 pressure on the reaction rate

A Technical and Environmental Evaluation of Six Routes for Industrial Hydrogen Production from Empty Palm Fruit Bunches

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Direct and two-step gasification behaviour of Victorian brown coals in an entrained flow reactor

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Layer Formation on Feldspar Bed Particles during Indirect Gasification of Wood. 1. K-Feldspar

Analysis of exhaust gas flow through a particulate filter in the exhaust of the spark ignition direct injection engine

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Differences of cell surface characteristics between the bacterium Pseudomonas veronii and fungus Ophiostoma stenoceras and their different adsorption properties to hydrophobic organic compounds.

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Future district heating plant integrated with municipal solid waste (MSW) gasification for hydrogen production

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A facile synthesis of directly gas-phase ordered high anisotropic SmCo based non-segregated nanoalloys by cluster beam deposition method

Comparison of fuel consumption and exhaust emissions in WLTP and NEDC procedures

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Ethanol production from date wastes: Adapted technologies, challenges, and global potential

Negative emissions of carbon dioxide through chemical-looping combustion (CLC) and gasification (CLG) using oxygen carriers based on manganese and iron

Rapid Inference of Direct Interactions in Large-Scale Ecological Networks from Heterogeneous Microbial Sequencing Data.

Gasification of lignin-rich residues for the production of biofuels via syngas fermentation: Comparison of gasification technologies

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Biomass Based Sustainable Ammonia Production: Digestion vs Gasification

Effective Fungal Spore Inactivation with an Environmentally Friendly Approach Based on Atmospheric Pressure Air Plasma

Decomposition of formaldehyde in strong ionization non-thermal plasma at atmospheric pressure

Direct Gas 直接燃气

Direct Gas 直接燃气
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