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Experimental observation and thermodynamic modeling of non-ideal expanding flows of siloxane MDM vapor for ORC applications

Experimental observation of oblique shock waves in steady non-ideal flows

Exact surface-wave spectrum of a dilute quantum liquid

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One-dimensional phosphate flash dryer model for design application

Condensates of interacting non-Abelian SO(5) Nf anyons

Supersolidity of the $\alpha$ cluster structure in the nucleus $^{12}$C.

Limitation principle for computational fluid dynamics

General Properties of Gaseous Systems

The Myriad Uses of Instantons

On the suppression and distortion of non-equilibrium fluctuations by transpiration

Oxygen Vacancies Promoted the Selective Photocatalytic Removal of NO with Blue TiO2 via Simultaneous Molecular Oxygen Activation and Photogenerated Hole Annihilation.

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Modeling heat transfer in gas-particle mixtures: Calculation of the macro-scale heat exchange in Eulerian–Lagrangian approaches using spatial averaging

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On the validity of the dilute gas assumption for gap conductance calculations in nuclear fuel performance codes

Localization and topology in high temperature QCD

Memory effects in the long-wave infrared avalanche ionization of gases: a review of recent progress.

Evidence of high-temperature exciton condensation in two-dimensional atomic double layers

Re-established congruent vapor-liquid diagram and fluctuation aspects of isotope theory-I (H2O-D2O-T2O)

Cercignani-Lampis boundary in the Boltzmann theory

Generalized Model for the Electrical Conductance of a One-Atom Metallic Constriction with Electrochemical Potential Control

Statistical Equilibrium of the Korteweg-de Vries and Benjamin-Ono Unidirectional Soliton Models

Modified Entropy Scaling of the Transport Properties of the Lennard-Jones Fluid.

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Dynamical Collective Memory in Fluidized Granular Materials.

Numerical models for the diffuse ionized gas in galaxies. II. Three-dimensional radiative transfer in inhomogeneous interstellar structures as a tool for analyzing the diffuse ionized gas

Nanoparticles in dilute gases: Fundamental equivalence between momentum accommodation and surface adsorption.

Re: Remember to chew your food

Estimation of bulk viscosity of dilute gases using a nonequilibrium molecular dynamics approach.

Thermalization and Transport in Dense Ensembles of Triplet Magnetoexcitons

Airflow inside tunnel boring machine: A numerical study and an experimental verification

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Dilute Gas 稀释气体

Dilute Gas 稀释气体
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