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Utilization of a Mixture Cure Rate Model based on the Generalized Modified Weibull Distribution for the Analysis of Leukemia Patients.

Semiparametric regression analysis of clustered interval-censored failure time data with a cured subgroup.

The Extrapolation Performance of Survival Models for Data With a Cure Fraction: A Simulation Study

Bayesian Spatial Split-Population Models for the Social Sciences

Variable selection for generalized odds rate mixture cure models with interval-censored failure time data

Exposure assessment for Cox proportional hazards cure models with interval-censored survival data.

Dust temperature in ALMA [C ii]-detected high-z galaxies

Evidence for Low Radiative Efficiency or Highly Obscured Growth of z > 7 Quasars

Piercing Through Highly Obscured and Compton-thick AGNs in the Chandra Deep Fields: I. X-ray Spectral and Long-term Variability Analyses

The evolving X-ray spectrum of active galactic nuclei: Evidence for an increasing reflection fraction with redshift

Semiparametric methods for survival data with measurement error under additive hazards cure rate models

Mixture and nonmixture cure fraction models assuming discrete lifetimes: Application to a pelvic sarcoma dataset.

Estimation and identification issues in the promotion time cure model when the same covariates influence long- and short-term survival.

Mixture-cure modeling for resected stage III/IV melanoma in the phase III CheckMate 238 trial

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Cured Fraction 固化分数

Cured Fraction 固化分数
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