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Gender Differences in Economics Course-Taking and Majoring: Findings from an RCT

Challenges and lessons: Design and implementation of a multi-site evaluation of team-based learning

Cs Courses sentence examples within first year university

99 variations on a proof by Philip Ording, pp. 260, £20 (hard), ISBN 978-0-691-15883-9, Princeton University Press (2019)

Sentido estructural de los estudiantes de primer curso universitario

Cs Courses sentence examples within observed home administration

P95 From hospital to home: virtually observed administration of biologics in children with severe asthma during COVID-19

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Cs Courses sentence examples within Introductory Cs Courses

Self-evaluation Interventions: Impact on Self-efficacy and Performance in Introductory Programming

Pattern Census: A Characterization of Pattern Usage in Early Programming Courses

Cs Courses sentence examples within Two Cs Courses

The Online Transition of Two CS Courses in Response to COVID-19

Changing the Online Climate via the Online Students: Effects of Three Curricular Interventions on Online CS Students’ Inclusivity

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Some Bridges Span More than Water: Engaging High School Java Learners with Data Structure Visualizations and Real-World Data

Landscape of Computer Science Teacher Qualification Pathway

Cs Courses sentence examples within Level Cs Courses

Online Vs Face-to-face Web-development Course: Course Strategies, Learning, and Engagement

The Impact of Programming Project Milestones on Procrastination, Project Outcomes, and Course Outcomes: A Quasi-Experimental Study in a Third-Year Data Structures Course

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Real-World Data, Interactive Games and Data Structure Visualizations in Early CS Courses Using BRIDGES

CS-Materials: A system for classifying and analyzing pedagogical materials to improve adoption of parallel and distributed computing topics in early CS courses

Cs Courses sentence examples within Core Cs Courses

Teaching about Heterogeneous Computing

Teaching Accessibility in India: A Work in Progress

Cs Courses sentence examples within cs courses offered

Comparing Science and Engineering Students Using the Force Concept Inventory in Introductory Physics Courses

Another brick in the wall: An exploratory analysis of digital forensics programs in the United States

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Experiences of Non-Native English Speakers Learning Computer Science in a US University

Changing the Online Climate via the Online Students: Effects of Three Curricular Interventions on Online CS Students’ Inclusivity

Increasing Student Motivation through the Use of Alternative Assessments in Basic Physics Online Lectures

Analysis mathematical communication ability of vocational student in osborn learning based on adversity quotient

Reflections on a Competency-Based Physics Course

Teaching Robotics: Description Model for Synergetic Combination of Robotics Learning Content

Integration of Professional Certifications with Information Systems Business Analytics Track Curriculum

Maybe the Issue is not Who Economists Are, but What Economics Is and How it’s Taught: Changing Course Content and Structure to Improve Retention of Women in Undergraduate Economics

Mathematical modeling in an undergraduate ODE course

Dupilumab reduces systemic corticosteroid use and sinonasal surgery rate in CRSwNP.


An Arduino-Based Experiment Designed to Investigate Gas Pressure

Not just normal: Exploring power with Shiny apps

Early Requirement for Bioinformatics in Undergraduate Biology Curricula

Using a multiple-delivery-mode training approach to develop local capacity and infrastructure for advanced bioinformatics in Africa

The ethical dimension of public relations in Europe: Digital channels, moral challenges, resources, and training

Trends of Flipped Classroom Studies for Physics Learning: A Systematic Review

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Intersectional analysis of Advanced Placement Physics participation and performance by gender and ethnicity

Implementation of Learning Management System (LMS) in mathematics learning

Teaching Business Analytics during the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Tale of Two Courses

Mathematics learning in physics classrooms of Russian schools: a changing landscape from the Soviet period to the present

More Cs Courses 计算机科学课程 sentence examples

Work in Progress: First Experiences with a Flipped Online Statistics Classroom for Engineering Students

Problem Based Learning Method to Improve Mathematical Problem Solving and Self Efficacy of Students in Engineering Course

Illustrating Randomness in Statistics Courses With Spatial Experiments

Supporting Scientific Communication Skills with Multiple Representations: Learning Physics in the Covid-19 Pandemic

Students’ Conceptual Understanding through Implementation of LiveWire in Basic Electronics Virtual Experiment

Students’ Class Perceptions and Ratings of Instruction: Variability Across Undergraduate Mathematics Courses

New Statistics, Old Schools: An Overview of Current Introductory Undergraduate and Graduate Statistics Pedagogy Practices

Gaining Confidence, Experience, and Knowledge as Researchers among Undergraduate Sociology Students

Ekonometrik Okuryazarlık ve Ekonometri Eğitimi

Macroeconomic Digital Book Development: How are the Feasibility of Experts and Student Responses?

Developing digital teaching material on Basic Electricity based on problem-based learning in vocational education

Item response theory approach in the preparation of instruments for identification of mathematics learning difficulties

P514 Influence of the frequency of glucocorticosteroid therapy courses on the hormonal resistance in patients with ulcerative colitis

Development of Electronic Learning Methods Using the Project-Based Learning Method

Student Perceptions of the Implications of a Financial Literacy Project Within a College Mathematics Course

Teaching controversial and contemporary topics in economics using a jigsaw literature review activity

Using Padlet to Enable Online Collaborative Mediation and Scaffolding in a Statistics Course

Examining developmental relationships between utility value, interest, and cognitive competence for college statistics students with differential self-perceived mathematics ability

Create an interactive video about alternative energy sources from fruits to optimize student creativity

Diagnostic analysis of student concept in environmental physics

Game-based learning for the mastery of HOTS in prospective physics teachers in digital electronics courses

Decision-Based Learning in Multiple Regression and Structural Equation Modeling Courses

Multimedia Learning System In Mathematics As A Student Professional Competence Forming Technique

Role of Computer Data Analysis in Applied Mathematics in the Internet Era

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Cs Courses 计算机科学课程

Cs Courses 计算机科学课程
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