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Critical reagents in flow cytometry, instrumentation and application in drug discovery development.

Increasing robustness, reliability and storage stability of critical reagents by freeze-drying.

Recombinant antibodies recognize conformation-dependent epitopes of the leucine zipper of misfolding-prone myocilin

Eotaxin (CCL11) enhances mediator release from human basophils

LIBS as an alternative method to control an industrial hydrometallurgical process for the recovery of Cu in waste from electro-electronic equipment (WEEE)

Status Report on COVID-19 Vaccines Development

SwabExpress: An End-to-End Protocol for Extraction-Free COVID-19 Testing

Adventures in critical reagent lot changes in ligand-binding assays: redevelopment, bridging and additional processing requirements.

Assay Harmonization and Use of Biological Standards To Improve the Reproducibility of the Hemagglutination Inhibition Assay: a FLUCOP Collaborative Study

Critical reagent characterization and re-evaluation to ensure long-term stability: two case studies.

Lot-to-lot reproducibility, stability and life cycle management of antibody reagents for flow cytometry.

On the Dissolution of Metals in Ionic Liquids 1. Iron, Cobalt, Nickel, Copper, and Zinc

Critical reagent generation, characterization, handling and storage workflows: impact on ligand binding assays.

SwabExpress: An end-to-end protocol for extraction-free COVID-19 testing

Critical reagent screening and characterization: benefits and approaches for protein biomarker assays by hybrid LC-MS.

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Development and validation of a robust multiplex serological assay to quantify antibodies specific to pertussis antigens.

EBF recommendation on practical management of critical reagents for antidrug antibody ligand-binding assays.

12th GCC Closed Forum: critical reagents; oligonucleotides; CoA; method transfer; HRMS; flow cytometry; regulatory findings; stability and immunogenicity.

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Critical Reagents 关键试剂

Critical Reagents 关键试剂
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