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Peripheral inflammation is associated with dysfunctional corticostriatal circuitry and executive dysfunction in bipolar disorder patients

Editorial: To Eat or Not to Eat: Advancing the Neuroscience of Hedonic Versus Controlled Eating Across Weight and Eating Disorders.


Functional Connectivity of the Human Paraventricular Thalamic Nucleus: Insights From High Field Functional MRI

Make a Left Turn: Cortico-Striatal Circuitry Mediating the Attentional Control of Complex Movements.

Striatal Afferent BDNF Is Disrupted by Synucleinopathy and Partially Restored by STN DBS

Corticostriatal suppression of appetitive Pavlovian conditioned responding

Histamine, Neuroinflammation and Neurodevelopment: A Review

Weight gain and neuroadaptations elicited by high fat diet depend on fatty acid composition

Comorbidity and therapeutic response of body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) in autism spectrum disorder (ASD)

Laminar Origin of Corticostriatal Projections to the Motor Putamen in the Macaque Brain

Intact corticostriatal and altered subcortical circuits in chronic pain

Connectivity profile laterality in corticostriatal functional circuitry: a fingerprinting approach

Structural Imaging in OCD.

Nucleus Accumbens Stimulation Modulates Inhibitory Control by Right Prefrontal Cortex Activation in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.

Accumbofrontal tract integrity is related to early life adversity and feedback learning

Targeted Tshz3 deletion in corticostriatal circuit components segregates core autistic behaviors

Altered corticostriatal synchronization associated with compulsive-like behavior in APP/PS1 mice

Distinct Alteration Patterns of Resting-State Functional Connectivity of the Corticostriatal Circuits Effected by Cigarette Smoking in Mild Cognitive Impairment Patients and Cognitively Normal subjects

Corticostriatal Regulation of Language Functions.

Increasing brain palmitoylation rescues behavior and neuropathology in Huntington disease mice

Early Sensory Deprivation Leads to Differential Inhibitory Changes in the Striatum During Learning

Postnatal Tshz3 deletion drives altered corticostriatal function and ASD-like behavior

Corticostriatal Circuits Encode the Subjective Value of Perceived Control.

Corticostriatal Oscillations Predict High vs. Low Drinkers in a Rat Model of Limited Access Alcohol Consumption

Pathophysiological clues to therapeutic applications of glutamate mGlu5 receptor antagonists in levodopa-induced dyskinesia.

Unmasking neurobiological commonalities between addictive disorders and impulse control disorders in Parkinson’s disease

Abnormal Striatal Development Underlies the Early Onset of Behavioral Deficits in Shank3B−/− Mice

Sex differences in the ability of corticostriatal oscillations to predict rodent alcohol consumption

Amygdala-prefrontal connectivity during appraisal of symptom-related stimuli in obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Genetic and environmental influences on corticostriatal circuits in twins with autism

Synaptic Wiring of Corticostriatal Circuits in Basal Ganglia: Insights into the Pathogenesis of Neuropsychiatric Disorders

Sex differences in the ability of corticostriatal oscillations to predict rodent alcohol consumption

Neural Morphology and Addiction

The Effect of ASIC3 Knockout on Corticostriatal Circuit and Mouse Self-grooming Behavior

MR imaging central thalamic deep brain stimulation restored autistic-like social deficits in the rat

Striatal morphology and neurocognitive dysfunction in Huntington disease: The IMAGE-HD study

Pain-related nucleus accumbens function: modulation by reward and sleep disruption

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Corticostriatal Circuit 皮质纹状体回路

Corticostriatal Circuit 皮质纹状体回路
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