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A Global Survey of Mycobacterial Diversity in Soil

On the relation between soil water holding capacity and dryland crop productivity

Linking historical vegetation to bacterial succession under the contrasting climates of the Tibetan Plateau

Food Webs and Fish Size Patterns in Insular Lakes Partially Support Climate-Related Features in Continental Lakes

Adaptive plasticity in plant traits increases time to hydraulic failure under drought in a foundation tree.

Urban Heat Islands during Heat Waves: A Comparative Study between Boston and Phoenix

Limited Phenotypic Variation in Vulnerability to Cavitation and Stomatal Sensitivity to Vapor Pressure Deficit among Clones of Aristotelia chilensis from Different Climatic Origins

A society ill-equipped to deal with the effects of climate change on cultural heritage and landscape: a qualitative assessment of planning practices in transport infrastructure

A multi-objective approach to select hydrological models and constrain structural uncertainties for climate impact assessments

Detecting Deep Rock Weathering

Geographic and Intraspecific Variation of Cold Hardiness in Ants of the Genus Lasius Fabricius, 1804 (Hymenoptera, Formicidae)

From greenhouse to icehouse: Nitrogen biogeochemistry of an epeiric sea in the context of the oxygenation of the Late Devonian atmosphere/ocean system

Global applications of the Visual Evaluation of Soil Structure method: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Assessing the effects of manure application rate and timing on nitrous oxide emissions from managed grasslands under contrasting climate in Canada.

Drought tolerance traits do not vary across sites differing in water availability in Banksia serrata (Proteaceae).

The impact of home-to-destination climate differences for tourism

Desiccation time during drought is highly predictable across species of Eucalyptus from contrasting climates.

Population climatic history predicts phenotypic responses in novel environments for Arabidopsis thaliana in North America.

The relationships between water storage and biomass components in two conifer species

United States Midwest Soil and Weather Conditions Influence Anaerobic Potentially Mineralizable Nitrogen

Daily reference evapotranspiration prediction based on hybridized extreme learning machine model with bio-inspired optimization algorithms: Application in contrasting climates of China

Clay Mineral and Geochemical Proxies for Intense Climate Change in the Permian Gondwana Rock Record from Eastern India

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Contrasting Climates 对比鲜明的气候

Contrasting Climates 对比鲜明的气候
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