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Metamodeling of the Electrical Conditions in Submerged Arc Furnaces

Local Translation Services for Neglected Languages

Efficient embedded sleep wake classification for open-source actigraphy

A Lightweight Key Agreement Protocol with Authentication Capability

SEMA: Secure and Efficient Message Authentication Protocol for VANETs

A lightweight traceable D2D authentication and key agreement scheme in 5G cellular networks

Metamodeling of the Electrical Conditions in Submerged Arc Furnaces

A metric for evaluating biological information in gene sets and its application to identify co-expressed gene clusters in PBMC

Directed Reachability for Infinite-State Systems

How Marginal is Lignite? Two Simple Approaches to Determine Price-Setting Technologies in Power Markets

MLDSP-GUI: An alignment-free standalone tool with an interactive graphical user interface for DNA sequence comparison and analysis.

Computationally inexpensive enhanced growing neural gas algorithm for real-time adaptive neural spike clustering.

Compensating Baseband Distortion of Regularly Sampled Pulsewidth Modulators for High-Precision Power Converters

An efficient Boolean based multi-secret image sharing scheme

A vision-based deep on-device intelligent bus stop recognition system

A Simplified Approach to Operational InSAR Monitoring of Volcano Deformation in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: Case Study of Rabaul Caldera, Papua New Guinea

Robust and real-time lane detection filter based on adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system

FaRE: Open Source Face Recognition Performance Evaluation Package

An Energy-Efficient and Congestion Control Data-Driven Approach for Cluster-Based Sensor Network

n-Tier Modelling of Robust Key management for Secure Data Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Network

Adaptive UAS Route Planner Based Upon Evidence Accrual

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Computationally Lightweight 计算轻量级

Computationally Lightweight 计算轻量级
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