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A Method for Constructing Automatic Rolling Bearing Fault Identification Model Based on Refined Composite Multi-Scale Dispersion Entropy

Bearing Fault Diagnosis Method Based on Ensemble Composite Multi-Scale Dispersion Entropy and Density Peaks Clustering

Refined Composite Multi-Scale Reverse Weighted Permutation Entropy and Its Applications in Ship-Radiated Noise

Intelligent Fault Diagnosis of Wind Turbine Gearbox based on Refined Generalized Multi-scale State Joint Entropy and RSFS Feature Selection

Multi-Feature Fusion-Based Mechanical Fault Diagnosis for On-Load Tap Changers in Smart Grid With Electric Vehicles

Composite Multi-Scale Basic Scale Entropy Based on CEEMDAN and Its Application in Hydraulic Pump Fault Diagnosis

Integrated approach for ball mill load forecasting based on improved EWT, refined composite multi-scale dispersion entropy and fireworks algorithm optimized SVM

A novel data-driven fault diagnosis method based on VMD-RCMFE-DDMA-BASSVM model for rolling bearings

The feasibility of predicting impending malignant ventricular arrhythmias by using nonlinear features of short heartbeat intervals

Cross-domain fault diagnosis of rolling bearing using similar features-based transfer approach

A novel feature extraction method for ship-radiated noise

Rolling Bearing Fault Diagnosis Based on Refined Composite Multi-Scale Approximate Entropy and Optimized Probabilistic Neural Network

Intelligent fault diagnosis of rolling bearings based on refined composite multi-scale dispersion q-complexity and adaptive whale algorithm-extreme learning machine

A Fault Feature Extraction Method for Rolling Bearings Based on Refined Composite Multi-Scale Amplitude-Aware Permutation Entropy

A method to identify wet ball mill’s load based on CEEMDAN, RCMDE and SRNN classification

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Composite Multi Scale 复合多尺度

Composite Multi Scale 复合多尺度
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