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Paradigm of Geological Mapping of the Adıyaman Fault Zone of Eastern Turkey Using Landsat 8 Remotely Sensed Data Coupled with PCA, ICA, and MNFA Techniques

Identification of Continental Wetlands Using Different Orbital Remote Sensors

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Total relighting

Toward Realistic Image Compositing With Adversarial Learning

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Automated video summarization and label assignment for otoscopy videos using deep learning and natural language processing

A Deep Learning Approach for Automated Fault Detection on Solar Modules Using Image Composites

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Continuous and Regular Expansion of a Distributed Visual System in the Eyed Chiton Tonicia lebruni

Miniaturized omnidirectional flexible side-view endoscope for rapid monitoring of thin tubular biostructures.

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Robust contrast enhancement forensics based on convolutional neural networks

Robust Median Filtering Forensics Using Image Deblocking and Filtered Residual Fusion

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Multimodal imaging of optic disc melanocytoma.

Multicolor Fundus Imaging of Polypoidal Choroidal Vasculopathy.

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Pysteps: an open-source Python library for probabilistic precipitation nowcasting (v1.0)

Pysteps: an open-source Python library for probabilistic precipitation nowcasting (v1.0)

Composite Images sentence examples within Two Composite Images

Psychometric and Faciometric Support for Observable Facial Feminization in Gay Men

Spectral Features for the Detection of Land Cover Changes

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Automatic High-Accuracy Sea Ice Mapping in the Arctic Using MODIS Data

Multimodal imaging of optic disc melanocytoma.

Methods and parameters for digital evaluation of gingival recession: a critical review.

Accuracy of Diabetic Retinopathy Staging with a Deep Convolutional Neural Network Using Ultra-Wide-Field Fundus Ophthalmoscopy and Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography

Foreground-aware Semantic Representations for Image Harmonization

A Novel Intelligent Diagnosis Method for Bearing Based on Fused-feature Images

The Moving Speed of Typhoons of Recent Years (2018-2020) and Changes in Total Precipitable Water Vapor Around the Korean Peninsula

Shaping ability of three thermally treated nickel-titanium systems in S-shaped canals.

Using Time Series Sentinel-1 Images for Object-Oriented Crop Classification in Google Earth Engine

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Application of deep learning-based image recognition technology to asphalt–aggregate mixtures: Methodology

Monitoring Water Spread and Aquatic Vegetation using Spectral Indices in Nalsarovar, Gujarat State-India

Analysis of ecological quality in Lhasa Metropolitan Area during 1990–2017 based on remote sensing and Google Earth Engine platform

A Comparative evaluation of the shaping ability, canal straightening, and preparation time of five different NiTi rotary files in simulated canals

Perception of femininity and attractiveness in Facial Feminization Surgery.

Fast Local Spatial Verification for Feature-Agnostic Large-Scale Image Retrieval

Automated crop type mapping using time-weighted dynamic time warping-A basis to derive inputs for enhanced food and Nutritional Security

Digital transfer of the subgingival contour and emergence profile of the provisional restoration to the final bone-anchored fixed restoration.

Shaping Ability of ProTaper Universal, ProTaper NEXT and WaveOne Primary in Severely Curved Resin Blocks.

Retraction: Interferon-β Induces Cellular Senescence in Cutaneous Human Papilloma Virus-Transformed Human Keratinocytes by Affecting p53 Transactivating Activity

Research on Image Denoising Based on Gamma Transformation

The role of sediment supply in the adjustment of channel sinuosity across the Amazon Basin

Decoding Attentional State to Faces and Scenes Using EEG Brainwaves

Constructing Images of the Divine: Latent Heterogeneity in Americans’ Impressions of God

Dynamic characterization of the main Cantabrian river plumes by means of MODIS

GP-GAN: Towards Realistic High-Resolution Image Blending

Recurrent Sub-volume Analysis of Head CT Scans for the Detection of Intracranial Hemorrhage

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Cerebral microbleed detection using Susceptibility Weighted Imaging and deep learning

Valid Data Augmentation by Patch Alpha Matting

Layout-aware Subfigure Decomposition for Complex Figures in the Biomedical Literature

Filling missing data and smoothing altered data in satellite imagery with a spatial functional procedure

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Illuminating Smiles and Frowns: Visual-Affective Cueing Influences Viewer Perceptions of Page Layout Images

Enhanced target recognition employing spatial correlation filters and affine scale invariant feature transform

High-Speed Imaging of Turbulent Nonpremixed Syngas Flames at Elevated Pressures

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Composite Images 合成图像

Composite Images 合成图像
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