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Mechanical Performance of Biodegradable Thermoplastic Polymer-Based Biocomposite Boards from Hemp Shivs and Corn Starch for the Building Industry

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Pembuatan Papan Komposit dari Limbah Plastik (PVC) dan Cangkang Kupang Merah

Effects of Different Polypropylene and Ammonium Lignosulfonate Contents on the Crystallization Behavior, Rheological Behaviors, and Mechanical Properties of Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer/ Polypropylene/ Ammonium Lignosulfonate Composites

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Clustering Analysis of Acoustic Emission Signals in 2D-C/SiC Tensile Damage Using Genetic Simulated Annealing Optimization Algorithm

Research on Acoustic Emission Source Localization of Carbon Fiber Composite Plate Based on Wavelet Neural Network

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Research on flexural performance of damaged RC beams strengthened by FPR plates

Effect of Production Variables on the Physico-Mechanical Properties of Fibre-Reinforced Plastic Composites Boards Produced from Waste Paper and Re-Cycled Polyethlene

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Using various grinding equipment for the preparation of recycled wood fibre

Evaluation of the Influence of the Conditions of Catalytic Continuous Steam Explosive Activation of Wood on the Physical and Operational Properties of Wooded Composite Materials Based on Activated Fibers

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Mechanical properties of composite board based on coconut coir and terminalia catappa fruit fibers with Polyvinyl Acetate (PVAc) Matrix

Laminated Bamboo Board: A Sustainable Alternative to Timber Board for Building Construction

Thermophysical Properties of Larch Bark Composite Panels

Prospects for Paper Sludge in Magnesium Phosphate Cement: Composite Board Properties and Techno-Economic Analysis

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Hemp shivs and corn-starch-based biocomposite boards for furniture industry: Improvement of water resistance and reaction to fire

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Synthesis of Groundnut Shell/Rice Husk Hybrid Composite–A Review

Development of Structural Insulated Panels Made from Wood-Composite Boards and Natural Rubber Foam

Selected properties of waste wig, eggshell and waste paper hybrid composites as potential material for wall partitioning

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Structure and Properties of Recycled Polyester-cotton Blended Fiber/HDPE Composite Board

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Effect of layering pattern and fiber hybridization on viscoelastic properties of PALF/COIR hybrid epoxy composites

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Physical Properties of Bio-Composite Board Reinforced with Shell Particle and Coconut Fiber

Microscopic analysis of composite boards made from rapeseed straw particles

Processing and Properties of Oil Palm Fronds Composite Boards from Elaeis guineensis

Structural design of a composite board/heat pipe based on the coupled electro-chemical-thermal model in battery thermal management system

Low-formaldehyde emission composite particleboard manufactured from waste chestnut bur

TECHNICAL NOTE: Effects of Polyurethane Resin on the Physical and Mechanical Properties of Wood Fiber/Palm Kernel Shell Composite Boards

The interface bonding properties and mechanism of poplar board veneered wood fiber/polypropylene composites with chlorinated polypropylene film as an intermediate layer.

Synthesis and characterization of short sisal fibre polyester composites

Physical and mechanical properties of composites made from bamboo and woody wastes in Taiwan

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Mechanical, durability and environmental aspects of magnesium oxychloride cement boards incorporating waste wood


Assessment of Thermal and Mechanical Properties of Composite Board Produced from Coconut ( Cocos nucifera ) Husks, Waste Newspapers, and Cassava Starch

The Effects of Extractives Substances for Bonding Performance of Three Natural Binder on Nipa Fronds Particleboard

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Optimisation of Process Parameters in Kenaf / Polypropylene Composites in Connection Moulding

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Mechanical and Electromagnetic Shielding Properties of Amorphous FeSiB Ribbon–Reinforced Gypsum Composite Board

Tensile Behaviour of Oil Bean Pod Shell and Mahogany Sawdust Reinforced Epoxy Resin Composite

Posidonia oceanica leaves for processing of PMDI composite boards

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The impact of hot-water-treated fibre hemp shivs on the water resistance and thermal insulating performance of corn starch bonded biocomposite boards

The Economic Potential of Using Cotton Stalks to Produce Alternative Wooden Materials

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Composite Board 复合板

Composite Board 复合板
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